Changes To Turn Priority: Age of Sigmar 2.0

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Turn priority is changing in Age of Sigmar 2.0 second edition, but the dreaded double turn is still here to stay. Checkout the latest and how it will work along with spell interaction now.

Warhammer Community has just released an update on how players will determine who takes that dreaded double-turn in Age of Sigmar 2.0

Turn Priority Now:

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Age of Sigmar has this mechanic we all know and love called turn priority. At the end of the battle round, players roll off and the higher roller can choose who goes first. If the higher roller just completed his turn, he can pick himself to go first making it the “double turn”.

AOS 2.0 is bringing in a re-worked version of turn priority.

Previously, players would roll off to determine who gets to decide who gets the first turn in each battle round, with the winner getting to choose. This works in much the same way in the new edition, but now, if the players get a draw, the player that went first in the previous battle round wins the roll.

AOS 2.0 Turn Priority

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In practice, this means that you’re somewhat less likely to get hit by a double turn, while if you do have priority, you’ll have a bit more control over when your opponent gets theirs. If you’ve just had a great turn, you might want to give your opponent priority to give yourself a chance to get a double turn later on in the game, for example.

We all love double turns when we get them but when our opponent gets them,  it’s a heart dropping, b hole clenching experience. So with tie rolls being in the player’s favor who went first, we won’t see as much devastation from double turns on the tabletop. Or will we…?

Going Second Has its Benefits?

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Remember those awesome persistent spells we know are on the way? They will interact with the turn sequence in an interesting way too, which we’ll learn more about in a future article.

Being double-turned by your opponent may not be so bad when you have a giant mouth made of spell juices chomping at their ankles.

What do you think about this new mechanic of rolling for turn priority? How do you think the spells will interact with double turns? Let us know in the comments over on Facebook.

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