Age of Sigmar Updates Magic Casting & Unbinding

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Age of Sigmar 2.0 is on the way in June and it looks like Magic will get a tweak! Come see the updated casting and unbinding phase of the game that may just be for the better. Warhammer Community just revealed to us how Arcane bolt and Mystic Shield have been reworked and gave us a teaser for a new spell coming to AoS 2.0 today.

Arcane Bolt & Mystic Shield

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In AoS 2.0, there will be a huge selection of spells to pick from. Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield will be watered-down some to encourage the players to use the newer spells. Arcane Bolt will be like a baby smite. Mystic Shield isn’t going to be nearly as good as it was on low-armored units.


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you can now attempt to unbind a spell – using one of your Wizards to prevent the enemy spell from working – at a massive 30″ range, up from 18″, making unbinding much easier and also giving you a chance to deny your enemy key spells even in the first turn of the game, where you may not have had a chance to move your wizards into defensive positions.

AoS 2.0 looks like it’s shaping up to be a battle of two wizards with big nasty guys fighting in between. This 30″ range on unbinding is a nice touch. Your wizard will have more of a say-so on what he allows in the magic realm. There will also be new rules and incentive to ally with certain heroes because they offer some pretty mean benefits.

cygor aosThere are all sorts of units you’ll want to add to your armies in light of this new rule. An allied Cygor in a Chaos force, for example, provides two unbinds AND does mortal wounds to your foes when it pulls them off.

aos spells

Our favourite combo by far has to be using the new unbinding rules with a Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch – should your foe try to cast an Arcane Shield in the first turn, you’ve got a chance at unbinding it from across the table, then using Vessel of Chaos to put it on one of your own units!



Luckily, this is a spell that can only be used in the realm of Hysh. Can you think about the kind of power this spell has? Hopefully, there is a way for less-mobile armies to deal with this besides unbinding! Imagine having 3 Stormfiends or a Frostlord in the enemy’s face and have them teleported across the map with one spell.

hysh aos

There will be 7 realms to play on and each realm should have 7 spells to choose from. The magic presence in the game will definitely be more interactive with nearly 50 spells coming in.

What do you think of AoS 2.0 so far? What kind of spells do you want your army to get? How do you think these realms will affect the game? Let us know in the comments over on our Facebook Hobby Group.

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