Bomb Wicks VS. Citadel & Winsor Newton Brushes

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Which brushes are better Slow Fuse Games Bomb Wick line, Citadel or Winsor & Newton Series 7? Find out more and make the call in our hobby head to head.

Need a variety of brushes on the cheap? Looking for a reliable brush soap that doesn’t dry out? Today our review puts the affordable Bombwick line of brushes through their paces.

The team at SlowfuseGaming has expanded their line of brushes to include Long Wicks, Det. Cords, and Utility brushes, all of which have different uses. They also produce their own line of brush soap: Jentastic’s Drunken Brush Goop. Take a look at this overview of each brush line and soap, then be sure to check out the entire review by pressing play on the video below!

SFG – Det. Cord Set $32.99

det cords

The Bomb Wick Det. Cords are built for detailing! The 5 brush set comes with a number 1, 0, 00, 000 and the crazy x10. Det. Cords use a brand new synthetic Kolinsky to give you great snap, paint retention and control. Great for everything from tight blends and edge highlights to texturing and dotting those eyes. The ultimate brush for fine detailing and finishing!

The Det. Cords are synthetic detail brushes that act similarly to natural hair brushes. These are great for detail work as they hold a point quite well and hold a good amount of paint as well. With use, it does hold its shape, springing back into shape nicely and rinsing out well. They are available as a set or as individual sizes.

SFG – Long Wick Set $35.99

long wicks

Long Wicks are made from the finest Kolinsky Sable and designed with a shape that will load a sizable amount of paint, while delivering perfect control with every stroke. Great “snap” and very fine points put the finishing details on this amazing set. Great for use with acrylics as well as other thin mediums, Long Wicks will allow you to blend easily and create the finest details at any scale. Sizes 3, 2, 1, 0 and 00.

The Long Wicks compare to the Series 7 brushes from Winsor & Newton, as well as fitting in size to the Artificer Layer brush by Games Workshop. These are natural hair brushes, so have a spring to them and a fine point for working up details. These are available as a set, or as individuals.

SFG – Utility Brush $22.99

utility synthetics

Our Bomb Wick Utility brushes give you the perfect set for everyday detailing, weathering, drybrushing, washing, basing and other harsher techniques that might make your natural bristle brushes cringe. They do all that and still hold a great point and are capable of just about anything you throw at them. High quality synthetic bristles will give you tons of use and are great for just about any paint – acrylics, enamels, lacquers, oils, basing acrylics, etc.

The Utility Brushes are synthetic brushes perfect for washing and dry brushing. They can be put through their paces and do pretty well life-wise, as long as you clean them after use! These brushes hold a good amount of paint and work very well with pin washing and applying glazes in small areas. These are available as a set, or as individuals, and the set is broken down (as seen in the picture above).

Jentastic’s Drunken Brush Goop! $4.99 – $8.99

brush soap

Compared to the Master’s Brush Soap, which comes in a larger container and is a harder soap that requires water constantly in order to work, the brush goop only requires a damp brush in order to get the soap activated and working. With a lather, the brush does a great job cleaning and conditioning the bristles, even on older brushes that were considered lost causes!

As a reminder, any time you get new brushes, be sure to wash them with a good brush soap! Washing them will help prevent some tip splitting in the future.

As well, new brushes will have loose bristles, which can be cut fairly easily. To find out more about these brushes, and to pick some up for yourself, head over to Slowfusegaming. Be sure to check out the entire review by pressing play on the video below!

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