Comparing the New Warscrolls: Age of Sigmar 2.0

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Age of Sigmar 2.0 is on the way, and we will be getting new warscrolls to match the new style of play. Today we compare the old warscrolls to the new as well as checking out the stats of the latest Stormcast; Knight-Incantor.

If you didn’t know, in AoS, Warscrolls show the rules and stats of each unit individually.  We’ve already heard that the rules themselves aren’t changing too much so let’s see how much differences there really is.

Old Age of Sigmar Warscrolls


Pretty standard issue. Movement, save, wounds, and bravery all on the wheel in the top left. We’ve got our attacks, hit, wound, and damage chart across the top. Lastly, all the rules that set the unit apart from the other duders in Sigmar are at the bottom.

Warhammer Community gave us some previews of what the new warscrolls will look like as well as some new units.

New Age of Sigmar Warscrolls

nighthaunt 8

Looks like Games Workshop wasn’t lying when they told us we could use our old warscrolls. The new ones do have a cleaned-up look to it and it’s nice that they put a picture of the unit in a bubble and give us a little dash of flavor text at the top.

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Knight-Incantor Warscroll


The Knight-Incantor has pretty average stats for what you’d expect to see from a Stormcast Eternal. But her abilities are where she shines. Voidstorm scroll lets her automatically unbind a spell once per battle. (side note that’s stupidly powerful), she can spirit bomb herself and everyone around her with her flasks full of “explosive ghosts”? and lastly, she knows the Arcane bolt, Mystic Shield, and Spirit Storm.

Spirit Storm is exactly what it sounds like. She creates a whirlwind of energy that zaps one model of each unit within 18″ and makes it harder for them to do basically anything involving movement.

With Age of Sigmar 2.0 roughly a month away, we are sure there will be even more news to pop up so keep checking in with us to catch the latest!

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As we still have over half a month until June arrives, we can still only guess what this new edition will be like. Age of Sigmar is already a fantastic game and it seems like a lore thrust, and rules tweak would be refreshing.

What do you affect do you think not being able to shoot out of combat will have on certain armies? What factions would you like to see after Stormcasts and Nighthaunts?

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