Drazhar Master of Blades: Dark Eldar Phoenix Lord

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Today’s showcase features an achievement in depth with the color black. Let’s take a look at this Dark Eldar piece of art from Lil’ Legend Studio.

Drazhar Master of Blades: The Living Blade. Chris Fitzpatrick’s work on the Dark Eldar and Dark Elf ranges remain my favorite sculpts, even to this day. I wanted this miniature to be mid-leap, arms outstretched like a preying mantis, about to decapitate his chosen victim.
Dark Eldar Phoenix LordThis was painted in around 4 hours and was a nice palette cleanser from the Custodes I have been painting recently.
Dark Eldar Phoenix Lord


Dark Eldar Phoenix Lord


Dark Eldar Phoenix Lord
Dark Eldar Phoenix Lord
 If you’ve enjoyed this and would like to learn how to paint this black, check out Abadon’s painting tutorial.

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