New Pics Spotted: Harlequin Stratagems & Points

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Don’t miss some big spoiler pics for the new Harlequin stratagem rules and point values that were just spotted. Let’s take a closer look.

Harlequins are extremely fast and seem to ignore most of the basic game rules that other players have to follow thanks to the Rising Crescendo rule. Looks like Games Workshop is giving them some pretty mean stratagems to pair with the faction.

A Redditor that goes Gosublanky gave us some insight on what’s to come.

Harlequin Stratagems

harlequin srtragatem


2CPs for a pseudo-Angel’s wing relic from Blood Angels? That’s brutal in an army that basically has the moving capability of a jump pack unit. Harlequins are going to be an army that can skate across the board and charge turn 1. Sometimes overwatch may be the only shot an army gets to do some damage on a unit. This stratagem can devastate a Tau gun line teaming with fire warriors.

1 CP to drop 2 units in a turn rather than 1 is also nice. We may see this stratagem ported to other Aeldari factions once this unit becomes available.

Harlequin stratagem

An example made is a souped-up Tesla gun from Necrons. With this stratagem being only for characters (and most characters hit on 2’s) this can shred an infantry squad.

Skystride can be a very annoying stratagem for an opponent of a Harlequin. Aeldari have been historically squishy so being able to hop out and slap a tactical squad into submission and then immediately hop into a transport making the unit effectively T5 again is solid.

Harlequin stratagem

This is basically a reskinned port from the Necrons emergency disembark for the night scythe. Still useful.

Harlequin stratagem

1 CP for a 3+ invulnerable save on an entire unit is nothing to scoff at. We’ve seen how long thunder hammer storm shield terminators stick around.

Heroes path is a little risky because you may end up allowing your opponent to fire freely at your characters if you aren’t careful about positioning. But is still useful.

Cegorach’s Jest is nasty just because you get to blast them after slapping them in the face. It’s a lose-lose situation for anyone.

Harlequins Point Value

harlequin points

webway gate stats



Looks like the rumored rules ended up being pretty accurate for the point values an stats on the Webway Gate.

Codex Harlequins : 
– There will be a Portal Fortification, 120Pts Not under 14HP 3+ 5++ T8,that you will set everywhere on the table but more than 12inch of enemy and more than 6 inch of objective, that will give the possibility to ds units from it, with a strat similar to necron if he is destroyed you can set them. After the portal is destroyed unit are not forced to be more than 9’’ to the enemy. Strongly implied that this unit will be available to aeldari. 
A warptime spell for Harlequin unit 

Harlequins look to be a serious threat to shooting armies as they can tie them up. Melee-centered armies will have an easier time as long as they can withstand the shooting and melee phase. They’ll have to be pretty mobile to keep up with the space jokers as well.

Keep a close eye on posts for more Harlequins rumors and stat sheets. What do you think is the most useful stratagem? Did GW compliment the masques with their own stratagems? Let us know what you think about the new ‘dex over on Facebook!

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