RUMORS: New Shadespire Hidden In Plain Sight?

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Sigmar Shadespire Wal Hor

Were new Shadespire models hidden in plain sight this weekend at Warhammer Fest? Check out what could be two new releases for existing factions already fighting in the crystal city.

Excited for more warbands to join the Shadespire game? Images of what looks to be a Stormcast and Nighthaunt Warband were spotted over the weekend, but curiously they were not shown on either preview video OR in GW faction focus posts from earlier in the week.

Let’s dive in and take a look at why we think we may be seeing new Shadespire models hiding right under our noses.

Existing Stormcast Models

stormcast shadespire

Even if you have never seen Shadespire before we got you covered. First off, notice the small band of heroes above from the current Stormcast Eternal warband. See how different each model is posed? Now, take a look at the basing. They are pre-furbished with terrain on the bases.

Shadespire Factions Showcase

First Four Factions in Shadespire

New Shadespire Stormcasts?

Are Stormcast Eternals getting more support? Let’s look at the clues from photos spotted via Garro.

shadespire sigmarines

For starters, check out the bases they’re standing on. It looks like they’re on top of smaller, pre-detailed bases. Exactly how the other warbands are coming packaged. On top of this, it’s a small squad that looks like a heavy support ranged team. (something that the Stormcast Eternals somewhat lack in Shadespire).

Notice the model detail. They all look like they are warrior wizard-priests. If you have been keeping up with the Age Of Sigmar scene, Warhammer Fest spoiled some Stormcast Eternal wizards.

Does this mean they could be coming to Shadespire?

AOS stormcast

The closest thing to the other squad is this image. This group looks like a 5-man rank and file squad that have stock bases. In comparison to the other models spotted, they don’t quite have the difference in modeling and detailed basing. These crossbow troops are all rank-and-file models where the ones above them are all hero level looking.

Didn’t know there were wizards coming to the Stormcast Army? See for yourself, from the looks of it those “hero” type models are absent from this video.

Nighthaunts Coming to Shadespire too?

Along with the Stormcast Eternals getting wizards in the coming days of Age Of Sigmar, Warhammer TV released a video showing tons of Nighthaunt models. One of them being specter-like.

shadespire nighthaunt2


Looks like we will be getting these models in Age Of Sigmar but what about Shadespire? This is a snapshot of the video at Warhammer Fest.  Unfortunately, this still image doesn’t do the model complete justice.

shadespire nighthaunt

These models were spotted at Warhammer fest as well but let’s take a close look. Notice the bases? They definitely look pre-detailed. These models are stunning and it’s hard to compare their size. Ultimately, we can only guess where they’ll pop up.

Here’s the video if you missed it.

And some pics, again courtesy of Garro showing what looks to be the rank and file Nighthaunts.

nighthaunts black coach

Note the possible Shadespire models top left

So far, these are the only supposed possible warbands for Shadespire: Underworlds. Of course, this may change in the coming month as Age of Sigmar is getting a ton of new models and a new edition. What do you think about our guesses? Are the different basings of the models just coincidence?

Let us know what you think in the comments and see what people are saying over on our Facebook!

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