Snowtroopers Unboxing & Build: Star Wars Legion

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Today we unbox the Snowtroopers for Star Wars Legion to see all the new rules, components and even build the models.

Reinforcements are finally here for Star Wars Legion from Fantasy Flight Games. The Snowtroopers are ready to join the fight against the Rebel Scum

We got our hands on the new box set and break down all the rules and components that come inside. Plus we even put a model together and compare it to the existing Stormtrooper and Vader models as well!

Let’s take a look at the newest addition to the imperial forces.

Snowtroopers Unit Expansion: $24.95


No matter how dangerous the freezing temperatures on a planet, you’ll find that your Snowtroopers are equipped to handle the killing cold with ease. Within the SnowtroopersUnit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion, you’ll find seven unpainted Snowtrooper miniatures, inviting you to field these troopers as a single unit and combat the Rebellion in even the most hostile and adverse environments. Alongside these Snowtroopers, you’ll find an assortment of upgrade cards, inviting you to kit out your Snowtroopers for whatever you expect to face on the field of battle.

Snowtrooper Spread

Compared to the Stormtrooper, the new units cost a bit more, move one less, but have a noticeable tactical advantage in a game that requires you to hold objectives most of the time:  Steady

snowtrooper unit card

Sizewise here is how the Snowtroopers stack up to their brothers in arms:

Overall the new units have more parts and tend to look a bit more dynamic on the tabletop. Will you be putting a squad into your Imperial army?

Hit play on the video below to see our tactical breakdown and get your first look at the new box set!

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