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Orks are a fun and iconic mainstay of the dark Imperium’s universe. Today we take a look at the Top 5 Ork kits that could benefit most from an update since their last release from Games Workshop.

One of the oldest and most iconic races from the dark Imperium’s universe, the Orks have been a mainstay in the story since the start. Their model line is nearly as old as space marines themselves. But, like many races that have survived multiple iterations and editions, a few of their kits are behind the times. Some equipment options simply haven’t received the kits they so need or deserve as well.

Here we’ll cover some of the ones that could use a freshening up.

5: Kommandos


The black sheep of specialized Ork units, the un-orkiest of the bunch has an aged, but a fairly-detailed kit. However, the static poses and small unit size leaves something to be desired. The fact that special weapons such as the burna and big shoota are entirely separate blister packs makes it a pain to grow this 5-man nob-led squad to a proper kitted mob size to follow along Snikrott.

An ideal kit would be a cheaper 5-man squad with optional weapon loadouts, special weapons, and optional Nob. With Games Workshop’s recent high quality in their kits, more detailed gear wouldn’t be too difficult to achieve either.

4: Tankbustas


Akin to the Kommandos, Tankbustas suffer from being a small squad with trouble expanding. Worse yet, they’re relegated to a very specific loadout without heavy conversion. This forces people into a 3-rokkit launcha (one as a nob), tankhammer, and rokkit pistol squad. Giving them options would be ideal, as would be avoiding the high price of their resin kit.

A better idea is a 10-man squad all equipped with rokkit launchas shooting from a trukk, despite their high point cost.

3: Warbuggies/Wartrakks

Warbuggies Wartrakks

A long-time sufferer of the old aesthetic of 2nd and 3rd edition Orks, this kit is one of the oldest 40k kits around. Check out the rounded shapes lacking detail, scrunched proportions, and low-quality casting. Giving these buggies and halftrakks a proper kit would most likely increase use as a harassment unit to distract enemies from the oncoming green tide.

Ideally, a few small kits or a dual kit between the two could help a lot, something around the cost of a Space Marine Land Speeder.

2: Plastic Mega-Armor Warboss Kit

Plastic Mega-Armor Warboss Kit

A long time request of Ork players, running a generic warboss is always ideal to run a proper Waaagh! However, the surprising lack of access to a non-kitbashed warboss kit makes it difficult to run the ideal Ork HQ. Currently, there are a handful of small resin warbosses, and one plastic kit of Grukk, a fantastic sculpt, but they all lack something iconic to the biggest, toughest Ork bosses: Mega-Armor.

Releasing a kit of a bigger Ork in plate metal with snazzy guns and a big Klaw to lead the rest of your Mega-Armor Nobs would be a wonderful addition to the Ork Line-up. The newer Mega-armor Nobs and Big Mek models are so detailed.

1: Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

The biggest Ork of all, unfortunately, is not all that big. His current model a relic from 4th edition, with a very simple pose and stature. The most feared Ork in the Galaxy needs bigger shoes.

Often depicted in the lore as a towering behemoth, the model should rightfully reflect this, something akin to the size comparable to a Dreadnought. In an edition with huge, intricate, imposing HQ units like Guilliman, Mortarion, and Belisarius Cawl, a model that can confidently take down an Imperial Knight but be the size of a Space Marine Terminator is somewhat underwhelming.

This big Ork needs a big kit, something really imposing, that towers over the green tide. Something that doesn’t look like it could get stepped on by a Dreadnought.

What kits do you think need updates badly? Are there kits that need to be released to fill the needs of weapon options in certain units more than others?

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