Age of Sigmar is Dead, Long Live AoS 2.0

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age of sigmar is dead long live age of sigmar 2.0

Age of Sigmar is dead, long live Age of Sigmar 2.0 Second Edition. Here’s our list of must-see changes to the new edition, because AoS as we knew it is dead.

So, I have played Age of Sigmar for the past three years and I will continue to play this game regardless of the increase in complexity level. But just to be clear, there are a multitude of fundamental changes to the core rules.

aos 2.0 core rules

First and foremost, we went from a four-page rules book to an 18-page rules set. Maybe now the level of complexity will make AoS something some people will want to start playing as opposed to before. So regardless of what you may have thought of AoS in the past, download the rules and give it a whirl.

The core rulebook itself will be available June 30 for $60 or you can buy the $160 starter combo set that comes with that, and all sorts of new miniatures. For people already invested in the game, all you really need is the Core Rulebook, Malign Sorcery, and the Generals Handbook to play Matched Play games.

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aos core book

Parts that are a free download and great for general play:

  • The Core Rules: everything from mustering your army to deciding the victor is covered here, with easy to follow guides on the things you need to play a game, how to set them up and how to actually play – how to cast spells, use heroic abilities, move your troops, shoot, charge, fight, and test for battleshock, with illustrated examples and clear explanations of exactly how each phase works;
  •  An explanation of Triumphs: rewards and bonuses victorious armies can carry over to their next battle;
  • Terrain rules, with a table featuring special statuses for scenery pieces and an explanation of how terrain can be garrisoned;
  •  Details of Battleplans – a set of rules that define how the battlefield is set up, where armies will be placed, objectives to be secured and the final victory conditions of your game, with an easy to follow Battleplan included as an example;
  •  An explanation of the workings of Warscrolls: every Citadel miniature in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar range has a Warscroll, which provides you with the rules needed to use that miniature in a game. This section shows you how to use the characteristics, abilities, damage tables and keywords of these Warscrolls;
  • An explanation of Warscroll Battalions: specially-designed collections of miniatures which have access to unique rules and abilities, often with a narrative focus;

Parts that you WILL need to play competitive games of AoS 2.0, that are not a free download:

core book aos 2.0 allegiance

  • Matched Play Games: the ultimate way for players to test their mettle in evenly-balanced conflict, this is the way to play games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar and prove your skill, tactical ability and strategic nous;
  • Pitched Battles: played as one-off games or part of a tournament, Pitched Battles are designed to be set up with a minimum of fuss. Details of army sizes for different battle lengths, rules for fielding Warscroll Battalions and Allied units are covered;
  • Conquest Unbound: this expands upon the basics explained in the previous section, adding more rules and abilities to your games:
  • Grand Alliance Allegiance Abilities: battle traits, command traits and artefacts of power available to armies with allegiance to either Order, Chaos, Death or Destruction;
  • Realms of Battle: specific spells, command abilities and terrain rules for 7 of the 8 Mortal Realms (Shyish, Ashqy, Chamon, Ghur, Ghyran, Hysh, and Ulgu);
  • Endless Spells: rules for using special spells which remain on the table until out of bounds or unbound, including an Endless Spell Warscroll for the Balewind Vortex scenery piece.

For more real talk with Rob Baer on the new edition, be sure to check out the full video that is chock full of insight and information.

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