AoS New Summoning Reinforcement Rules SPOTTED!

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The new rules for Summoning / Reinforcements in Age of Sigmar were just spotted today, and it looks like this may shake up a few armies. Don’t miss this one!

Warhammer Community revealed that summoning wouldn’t cost reinforcement points. But there’s still a cost to summoning, that changes from faction to faction.

We will be looking at a few details that were just spotted on imgur as summoning will play a bigger role in some armies over others. One thing is certain, we will definitely be seeing a lot of it.

AoS New Summoning Reinforcement Rules SPOTTED!

new summoning rules

Taking a look at Khorne’s followers, they’ll be able to summon by spending Blood Tithe points. We assume this is the 2018 Generals Handbook that will have a chart that shows the cost of each unit you can summon.

You can’t save your points that you didn’t spend after you summon something. For example, if you have 12 points and summon something for 8, you will lose all 12 points.

seraphon summoning

Seraphon will get their conjuration points by Slan choosing not to cast a spell in a turn, one if your general is a Slan, and if you’ve got at least one Astrolith Bearer. With having three outlets for getting conjuration points. they can easily farm them up.

Watch out for Seraphon, almost every unit in their army is able to be summoned which means they will be a magical swiss army knife.

Changes to the Screaming Bell

screaming bell

Even though summoning is getting buffed into the clouds for AoS 2.0, Skaven players can still only summon one Verminlord from the Screaming Bell. But let’s be honest here. How many times in a game has someone rolled double 6s on a Screaming Bell more than once?

Now that players don’t have to set aside a number of reinforcement points to summon things, we are certain to see lists that are geared towards farming summoning points for their faction to spam out unending hordes of creatures.

AoS is gearing up to look like a battle between Wizards and who can summon the biggest and baddest thing.

What do you think about the changes to summoning? Do you already have a list in mind meant for spamming summoned units? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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