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Big changes are here for the Imperial Knights as Forge World Knights were just unlocked for the codex and rules changes are here. Don’t miss this one.

Warhammer Community released an FAQ for Imperial Knights that updated a few key things for the codex.

So What got Changed Exactly?

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Why the change to command points? Well, Codex: Imperial Knights was printed before the Big FAQ, which gave every army more command points to play with. Imperial Knights were looking a bit light, especially with the new codex bringing so many new Stratagems to try, and so the new FAQ should bring you up to par with other armies in Warhammer 40,000.

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Well, the major highlights for starters are that the super-heavy detachment doesn’t give you any command benefit unless you have at least one Imperial Knight Titanic unit. However, you get +6CPs if you have at least three Imperial Knight Titanic units in the detachment.

Now you’ll be able to get 9 CPs total just by bringing 3 big boys. Say goodbye to seeing so many Guard detachments to farm CPs.

house raven faq

There was a question about advancing and firing heavy weapons with House Raven. The answer is that the Knight is so big and nasty that he doesn’t care about the hundred-tonne weapons on his arms. He’s so badass he’s going to fire it anyway.

kingsblade knight titan imperial knight

Forge World Knights

The Imperial Knights were just updated in Forge World’s Imperial Armor Forces of the Astra Militarum FAQ today as well, unlocking codex rules for the Ceratus classes.

FW knight faq

Looks like Forge World Knights didn’t get left in the dust either. GW was quick to throw out an FAQ giving all the Forge World Knights the Imperial Knights keyword, and <Questor Allegiance> which grants household rule now. That’s huge considering you can use stratagems on them.

This FAQ was totally unannounced and fairly unexpected. It’s good news for Knight players all around. Chaos gets a slice of the Knight pie and Forge World Knights can use the codex now.

If you missed our other post on Renegade Knights from this morning, be sure to check it out. What do you think about the new changes? Are you already building a Renegade Knight?

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