Dash & Leebo: Star Wars X-Wing

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dash and leebo

Dash Rendar is flying high in the Outrider with his right-hand droid, Leebo. Check out this new build that will have the second dynamic duo in Star Wars chasing the Empire.

Dash Rendar

Dash Rendar, some would say the improved version of Han Solo, is blasting off in his YT-2400. This highly maneuverable ship features nearly every maneuver on its maneuver dial and his pilot ability makes sure that he can roam about the play area unimpeded. Being able to ignore obstacles during the activation phase and while performing actions practically breaks the game wide open. He’s able to barrel roll onto obstacles like they weren’t even there. Adding a boost will make Dash even more crazy at flying.


His loyal sidekick, Leebo, is Dash’s copilot. This droid gives Dash an action ability that allows him to perform a free boost action and then receive 1 ion token. At 2 points, this is a nice discount from the commonly used Engine Upgrade, but still has a negative side effect of the ion token. This is not immediately problematic as it takes 2 ion tokens for a large ship to suffer its effects, but this can be further mitigated with the right upgrades.

Smuggling Compartment

By adding a Smuggling Compartment to his YT-2400, Dash opens up a whole mess of options. This allows Dash to equip a further modification and even an Illicit slot. Perfect for our Ion dissipation plans!

Ion Dischargers

Adding Ion Dischargers to Dash allows him to potentially rid himself of those Ion tokens from his Leebo boosts, and can mess with your opponent’s plans. After you receive an ion token, you may choose an opponent at range 1, and remove 1 ion token. Then that ship may choose to receive that ion token. If they do, discard Ion Dischargers. This allows Dash to boost, get in range 1 of an opponent, hand them an ion, and be on his merry way.

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