Do You Need Malign Sorcery Models & Rules?

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There are a ton of Age of Sigmar releases coming soon, so the question is; do you really need AoS Malign Sorcery’s models & rules to play?

Age of Sigmar 2.0’s first expansion is here! Get some expert straight talk about this box set, the rules, and even the models themselves!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Malign Sorcery $149

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This is one of the coolest unboxing experiences we’ve ever had from GW so far that features a reusable ziplock bag, for the colored spell model sprues.

We’re especially big fans of the quick reference Game Aides for super convenient reference on the tabletop.

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Five out of the nine spells are not predatory spells so it’s important you pay special attention to how these new spells work from turn to turn. Speaking of which Balewind vortex works a little different now too. Right now we’re a fan of the offensive predator stuff like purple sun, which does a lot of damage to big monsters.

13 Endless Spells are represented, with 17 push-fit miniatures used to represent the Endless Spells on the tabletop:

– A Purple Sun of Shyish, an enormf skulls pulling up dirt and rocks in a chaotic tsunami, supplied on red-coloured plastic;
– A set of Quicksilver Swords, 11 blades descending to the ground on pillars of flame supplied on silver plastic;
– An Aethervoid Pendulun, an enormous swinging axe with aetherflames describing its arc, supplied on silver plastic;
– A set of Chronomantic Cogs, sinister clockwork bursting from the ground, supplied on silver plastic;
– An Umbral Spellportal, a pair of spectral mirrors supplied on silver plastic;
– A set of Soulsnare Shackles, 3 miniatures depicting magical shackles flailing through the air, supplied on silver plastic;
– A pair of Geminids of Uhl-Ghysh, two spheres locked in magical orbit, supplied on blue plastic;
– A Burning Head, depicted as a huge flaming skull, supplied on blue plastic;
– A Malevolent Maelstrom, an orb full of skeletons surrounded by magical flames, supplied on blue plastic;
– A Prismatic Palisade, a sturdy cover structure made up of sorcerous crystals, supplied on blue plastic;
– An Emerald Lifeswarm, countless insects swarming forth from a fallen warrior, supplied on blue plastic.

malign sorcery

Remember there is very specific language on how movement works for these spells- so be sure to watch the full video for the whole explanation.

malign sorcery

Honestly, the value of this set is really in the rulebook, which brings into play all the warscrolls for the new 14 endless spells. 13 of them are brand new spells and there are also two new pitch battle scenarios for matched play. Perhaps one of the coolest new parts of this book is the one about painting the endless spells.

It’s pretty unique and keeps you from wondering exactly how to paint the models, and really makes that part less intimidating for hobbyists who are new to the game.

Malign Sorcery features an 88-page softback book packed with rules and background:

– Magic in the Mortal Realms: a history of magic in the Mortal Realms, tracing the origins of sorcery back to the Age of Myth and presenting detailed information on the differing specialisations of various races, and the magics of the Eight Realms.
– The Learning of Magic: all sorcerers face the same dangers when bending wild powers to their will – the forces Order, Death, Destruction and Chaos deal with these dangers in their own manners, detailed here;
– Concerning Realmstone: this mysterious substance contains enough power to annihilate cities – here is detailed the different realmstones which can be found across the Eight Realms;
– Descriptions of 13 manifestations that herald a new era of magic, which will soon be seen of every battlefield in the Mortal Realms;
– A showcase of the miniatures found in the box, including step-by-step guides and descriptions of effective painting techniques.

Overall, the quality of these miniatures does look much higher than ‘made in China’ sprues we’ve seen lately. They are still a lower cost product but it seems like the quality has continued to improve, so for the price they’re definitely worth it. Design wise we also like how the Citadel team seems to have put a lot of time and effort into the production.

For example, there’s a whole superstructure you build up inside the purple sun model before putting the rest of it together to really give it some strength!

One ‘gotcha’ in this build was what appears to be an error in the size of one of the bases. The website and instructions seem to portray ten 40mm bases for the minis, but in the sprue itself, there are only nine 40mm bases. #9 the Burning Head may have to fit on a 50mm base, like #7.  A slight oversight perhaps on GW’s part, but heads up anyways for when you’re building all the models.

Do You Need Malign Sorcery Models & Rules?

If you are planning on playing matched play Age of Sigmar 2.0 second edition, then chances are you will need this box set, or multiples of it, as you can cast any of these endless spells each battle round, as long as you have a model to represent it.

Be sure to check out the full unboxing and build of these awesome spell minis!

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