FW Has Knights Too: Cerastus Lancer Showcase

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Forge World’s Imperial Knight-Lancer hits hard and with purpose. Plus it looks absolutely fantastic when painted up. Take a look at this amazing Knight showcase!

The Forge World Cerastus Knight-Lancer is a fantastic model when painted up, and the artists at Elrik’s Painting have done a great job getting a clean, solid look to match other knights in an army. Take a look at this fantastic knight and be sure to see the entire showcase by pressing play on the video below!

knight lancer showcase

This was painted with a specific color scheme to match Rob’s existing Legio Astorum (Warp Runners) titans. The artists at Elrik’s Painting reposed the legs to make him look like he is stabbing with his lance.

All the gold trim is painted up fantastically. The armor pieces have edging all around the trim as well. The paint job is clean and fantastic with some great fades. They even included a custom resin base from Elrik’s Hobbies that fits the model perfectly.

knight lancer rules

The Cerastus Knight-Lancer rules are in the Imperial Armor Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum book. At 24PL with up to 14″ movement, weapon skill 3+, ballistic skill 3+, and 27 wounds this model can be fantastic on the table. It costs 420 points base, 480 points with the shock lance.

The shock lance gives strength +6, with AP -4 and does six wounds. With the Knight-Lancer being strength 8, it would definitely cause pain in close combat.

knight lancer showcase

Overall, the model looks fantastic but might be a bit on the high side, points cost wise. However, with the paint job and attention to detail Elrik’s Hobbies did on this fantastic model, it is worth getting for the knight’s army.

To see other amazingly painted models, and to see how to commission some for yourself, check out Elrik’s Painting. Be sure to press play on the video below for the entire showcase!

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