How Big is the Alien King Figure from Prodos?

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How big is the Alien King figure from Prodos? Check out the Multi-Part Marines, Alien King, and Colonial Marines Sergeant.

The hunt begins! The Aliens have a mighty new champion to field in their battle for domination, while humans also get some tough reinforcements.

Prodos Games has released several more expansions for their Alien vs Predator game: USCM Multipart Marines, unicast USCM Officer, and the Alien King. Take a look at this quick overview then be sure to press play on the video below to see the entire unboxing and review!

avp unboxing

USCM Officer $16.00

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avp officer

It takes a special kind of officer to keep the roughnecks of the Colonial Marines in line. Each one was once a grunt like each man that follows him, and has elevated through the ranks from lowly Privates. As such, a Colonial Marine officer is well-trained in many different weapons and often has the pick of them when they go into battle. The sight of an angry Marine Captain wielding an Armat M41AE2 Heavy Pulse Rifle is enough to make any enemy quake in their boots!

The Officer is a unicast model standing on a very detailed base. While chomping on his cigar, he is surrounded by pieces of dead Predators as he stands atop rubble and pieces of doors in a very awesome manner. He is very detailed, including backup weapons, transmitters, and extra rounds. He can be played as a Colonel, Major, or Captain.

USCM Multipart Marines $19.60

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avp marine

The USCM, or ‘Colonial Marines’ as they are better known, are the United Americas ‘force in readiness’.
Their specialism in fighting on far-flung planets for extended periods of time and their constant state of readiness
means that wherever the fight is, they are prepared to meet it. Hardened more often by intense training rather
than the battlefield, the Colonial Marines are still a force to be reckoned with due to a huge arsenal of weapons
and a sizable space fleet in support. Irrespective of the cache of armaments the Colonial Marines are entitled
to, it is the M41A MK2 pulse rifle that is synonymously associated with them due to their affinity for the weapon.
Marine fire teams will often choose to augment their killing potential, often selecting M56 smartguns or M260B
flamethrowers, to provide heavier firepower.

The Multipart Marines come with specific letter designations on torsos, arms, and legs for easy assembly. Even the heads have letter indicators, though on the side of the peg rather than the bottom. The letters are hidden when assembled.

Overall, they are fairly easy to assemble but will require some flash trim up in the joints (and washing mold release off them). They are well detailed, including grenades. The kit does come with extra upgrades for customization.

Alien King $96.00

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avp alien king

Among the largest, and most terrifying, biologics that an alien hive can bring to bear upon its enemies, is a creature dubbed the Monstrosity or “King” xenomorph. Towering several stories over its smaller brethren, this creature shakes the ground wherever it goes, causing small localized earthquakes in its wake. Near impervious to small arms fire, wounds dealt to it are regenerated almost instantly. It has been noted that when it eats its victims, its alien healing power actually speeds up, knitting even the most terrible wounds back together.

At range, it can project a huge ball of acid which if it hits even a target that is dug in, will melt them to little more than a puddle of matter. When it gets in close, it will unleash a screech, killing its initial enemies and then rush in with surprising speed for a creature of its size. Its gigantic claws and long tail are able to tear tanks and infantry to pieces in equal measure. Luckily, only a handful of such creatures found in the largest xenomorph hives, has ever been catalogued by human scientists.

The Alien King is a fantastic resin model that is fairly easy to assemble. He does come with a scenic base and is 153mm tall when fully assembled. Each piece has fantastic detail, including the base.

The box does come with an alternate scenario “Bug Hunt”. The Alien King is enormous compared to the Officer and multipart Marines seen previously, towering above the tabletop. He is posed dynamically and does not require too much clean up.

For more information on the AVP game, check out Prodos Games. To purchase awesome AVP supplies, including the reviewed models, you can get them for less from Miniature Market here in the states. Be sure to press play on the video below and check out the entire review!

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