Top 7 Changes to AoS: Highlights & More

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Aos fans, do not miss this one.  Join us for a look at the Top 7 changes to Age of Sigmar 2.0 so far, and highlights of the rules that you may have missed.

The new rules are posted on Age of Sigmars’ site, Here’s our take on all the rules and new way things work.

Top 7 Changes to AoS

First off gone is the simplified 6 pages of rules for playing. The free download is now 18 pages big.


aos moving

If you haven’t read it by now, the measuring debate is over. Modeling for advantage is out and base-to-base measurement is in. It’s a welcoming mechanic too. It ends the debate between your opponent and keyboard warriors online.

The Death of a General

beastclaw 1

If you’re familiar with the way the Alpha Legion ability works in 40k, it’s basically the same thing. If you General dies, select another hero in your army and then they become the General. When he dies, move on to the next Hero generating abilites for all.

New Command Abilities

skaven 1

Speaking of Generals, AoS 2.0 will have 2 new command abilities to choose from.

Inspiring presence used to be the only command ability there was, but now we’ve got more to choose from.

  • At the Double: You can use this ability after you’ve chosen a unit to run within 6″ of a Hero or 12″ of your General Treat the run result as a 6.
  • Forward to Victory: After you make a charge roll, you can use this ability within 6″ of a Hero or 12″ of your General. Reroll the charge roll.
  • Inspiring Presence: At the start of your turn, make a unit immune to battleshock within 6″ of a Hero or within 12″ of your General.

Cover Saves & Garrisoning

aos cover

If a unit is in cover, they will add 1 to the armor save. The unit has to wholly be within cover and it doesn’t apply in the combat phase IF YOU CHARGED THAT TURN. On top of this, you do not get the benefit of cover if you the MONSTER or WAR MACHINE keyword and a wounds characteristic of 8 or more.

One cool thing coming to AoS 2.0 is the ability to garrison units into buildings. There’s a few stipulations to follow, but there are some pretty neat bonuses too. Instead of moving, you can garrison a terrain feature if you are within 6″ of it. The enemy must also be outside of 3″ of it. Units that garrison a terrain piece is removed from battle and the enemy must treat that piece of terrain as an enemy unit. (staying outside of 3″ etc.)

Garrisoned models can attack, and be attacked, cast and unbind spells, use abilities, but can not move. The Garrisoned unit counts as being in cover and the enemy must subtract 1 to the hit rolls against the unit. The garrisoned unit can leave the terrain at the start of the next movement.

Aura Abilities


If an ability from one model or unit gives a bonus to another unit, that model/unit also gets the benefit. For example, rerolling 1s to hit, immune to battleshock, etc.

Battalions & Turn Order

warscroll battalion bonus

Battalions now give a bonus +1cp which can be spent on a multitude of different things. The benefit of a warscroll usually has a before-game effect. For example, letting you deploy your entire warscroll as a single unit as well as giving you more bonuses in-game.

You’ll also be able to enjoy an extra artifact of power.

Warhammer Morathi Slaanesh Sigmar

The player who set up their army first gets to go first as well. Another key thing to note is that turn order has changed. In the last edition, players would often opt to go 2nd to try and secure a double turn. The rules for this have changed a little bit. Now, players roll off and if it is a tie, the player who took the first turn can choose who goes first instead of both layers rerolling dice.

New Ally System

core rules allies

In the older edition, players were allowed to take 400 points worth of allies in a 2000 point game. It looks like that’s all changing. The players can now take 1 allied unit for every 4 faction-specific units. There hasn’t been any word spoken on points limits. If there turns out not to be any restrictions on points, some funny ally combos will definitely be seen. Fyreslayer

The core book expanded on the basic rules of the game. Going from 6 pages in the first edition to 18 pages now! The game is looking to still be stream-lined with plenty of depth.

What are you looking forward to the most about AoS 2.0? Are you already thinking of fun ways to ally things in? Let us know what you think in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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