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Warhammer Adventures is still on the table for Games Workshop. But something else is coming to the Black Library very soon. In 2019, Warhammer Horror should be hitting the shelves too.

Warhammer Community announced some books that are on the way from Black Library. Warhammer Adventures is still one of the big topics between writers and fans.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out our editorial on Warhammer Adventures, and why it upsets fans so much.

Warhammer Adventures

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Warhammer Adventures has been one of the hottest topics out there for the past few weeks. Between getting support from fans to downright harassing authors, will this series take off when it gets released?

With one of the main characters hating weapons, how will the books approach violence? Some people think it will cheapen the 40k/AoS lore entirely and bring in an “unwanted” target audience.

Others think these books will bring new hobbyists and players into the game and add an even healthier community base than before.

Warhammer Horror

warhammer horror

We don’t have any other information besides some kind of horror series coming in 2019. What could they possibly find in the 40k universe that’s horrifying?

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It looks like GW is hitting both ends of the spectrum at the same time for books. We’re getting a series of children’s books that are probably going to be heavily filtered and a Warhammer Horror series that (to our hopes) really dives into the extremes of the universe. Maybe it’s time they touch on the creatures of 40k that aren’t represented on the tabletop.

They’ll definitely have all the ammunition for new books. With all the Warp spawn creations that artists can think of, to Enslavers, to rare Tyranid organisms; the list just goes on and on. Look at it this way, Warhammer Horror will be a Warhammer Adventures for grown-ups. Now we can all be happy. Our kids are getting into the hobby we love and we have some books that take us on an adventure.

Are you interested in reading a genuine horror book from the 40k universe? Should GW just have stuck with publishing these types of books in the first place instead of ones for kids?

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