We Need A Scientist: Rumor Engine

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gw store rumor engine

This weeks rumor engine is here and we need a scientist for help. Do you have any idea what we’re looking at? It looks like some kind of computer or science equipment.

Warhammer Community has given us a picture and we aren’t exactly sure what we’re looking at.

Rumor Engine

rumor engine 6-12-18

It looks like this might be some scientists contraption. There’s a small screen and some nobs. Then down below, it looks like there are vials filled with different kinds of liquid.

Could this be some Dwarven machinery? Maybe it’s on the back of some character? What do you think? We need some help on this one. Try to imagine the image flipped. Sometimes, they try to throw us off by turning the image on us.

If you missed last weeks’ Rumor Engine, you can find it here.

Let us know what you think this could be in the comments on our Facebook Hobby Group.

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