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The Hucksters Wyrd PreviewLet’s take a look as Wyrd Games previews the Hucksters, a ragtag group of black market merchants ready to make you deal.

Wyrd Games knows some people are looking for a quick deal that overlooks some small legalities. Though they themselves are a perfect picture of law-abiding citizens, they know just who to recommend you too.

May we introduce you to The Hucksters.

Pssst.  Over here.  You look like someone looking for a Monday Preview….yeah we got Monday Previews.  The best previews!  Come take a look at these Hucksters…

Hucksters Preview

In Malifaux there are lots of items that are illegal, or just prohibitively expensive due to Guild taxes.  The huckster doesn’t care about either of those issues.  They will get you what you need, but there will be a price.


These cool characters can get you just what you need. Let us know what you think of these distinguished businessmen and women.

Drop us a line in the comment’s below and make sure you head over to the Forums At Wyrd and see what great deals everyone else is scoring!

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