A Little One Wheel Mayhem From Max Mini

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Max Mini

Come, take a look at a little one wheel mayhem from Max Mini with the new Monowheel Androbot miniature. Let’s check it out.

Max Mini has a very unique style when it comes to miniatures and the Monowheel Androbot is no exception. Take a look at this crazy creation.

Monowheel Androbot: 6.99€

Monowheel Androbot

Monowheel Androbot is surely a speedy fella and you can always count on his helping hand… or a buzzsaw arm, it’s your choice. This brilliant fusion of human flesh and robitc technology was once a human, but his memory has been wiped, reprogrammed and cybernetically – enhanced to serve as a mercilless, close combat killing machine.
Monowheel Androbot is a multipart model, cast in high quality resin. Designed to work with 28mm heroic miniatures.

Half zombie, half machine, these new minis would fit great in any Chaos army. Make sure you visit Max Mini and secure your copy of this new miniature today.

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