Branching Out: Top 5 Unit Staples for Horus Heresy

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My time in Heresy has been short, but I’ve learned a thing or two. Let’s talk about the Top 5 units that seem to be staples across all Legions.

Horus Heresy, like any other Warhammer game, has some busted units that no one wants to see on the tabletop. But the good news is that for the most part players don’t bring those things because they know it’s not fun. The Horus Heresy community is good about keeping things fun and narrative.

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Branching Out: Top 5 Unit Staples for Horus Heresy

With that being said, Heresy can be daunting to get into. There are so many options you can take into battle it may be difficult branching out from a Betrayal at Calth box. here’s a list of Legion staples that would be a great pick up for new players getting into Horus Heresy.

Volkite Culverin

volkit culverin

These guys are brutal against Space Marines but they aren’t the fun-ruining kind of firepower like Phosphex weapon teams. A squad of 10 dudes gets 40 shots that wound Space Marines on 2s.

Also, for every unsaved wound, you get to make another wound roll. It can eat up guys on-foot.


30k terminator

I was so salty when 8th edition came out and I discovered that Terminator squads are nothing more than a 200+ point paperweight. Well in Horus Heresy, they can actually do some work. You can set these guys on an objective and be a headache for your opponent or apply some instant death power fists to some enemy Marines.

Leviathan Dreadnoughts


Leviathans are a solid backbone to any Legion. They can lay down enough firepower that your enemy has to deal with it but are tough enough to take some heat. You can even give them armored Ceramite to protect it from the vehicle damage table.

Kit them with all sorts of weapons to fit the way your Legion fights. Take two grav-flux bombards to erase infantry or take a Storm cannon, and siege claw combo to shoot key targets while you walk up the board to squeeze things with your pain claw.

Veteran Squads

bertayal at calth

Veteran squads can be kitted with the works that’ll give them longevity and damage output in battle. They get the outflank rule so you can put them on a board edge right next to the enemy.

Toss a melta bomb into the rear armor of a Dreadnought and fire on the enemy Legion! Don’t go cheap on these guys. Give them bombs and your Sergeant a suit of Artificer armor for that sweet 2+ save.

Named Characters

30k characters

I’m not talking about Primarchs. I’m talking about the named characters like the First Captains of the Legions. Typhon, Sigismund, Nathaniel Garro, etc. They serve as a good driving force in the army to march up the board and chew through enemy lines.

Send a Leviathan one way and a group of Marines with a named character the other. You can even support their advancements with a squad of Marines in the back loaded with Volkite Culverin.

Have you gotten into Horus Heresy since 8th edition dropped? What Legion do you play? Who is your favorite named character? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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