Celestial Knight Emperor Returns: Kabuki Unbox & Build

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Celestial Knight Emperor Returns: Kabuki Unbox & Build

Is this the Emperor model we have always wanted? Check out the second version of Kabuki Studios Celestial Knight unboxed and built.

Celestial Knight Emperor Returns: Kabuki Unbox & Build

Let’s take a look inside the package with our latest newest unboxing and review video for Kabuki Studios Celestial Knight and see if this miniature is for you.

Celestial Knight 55.00 €

Multi-parts resin kit, needs assembly and painting

scenic resin base (50mm diameter) included

Item is sold in a blister

This Emporesque miniature comes in the standard clam pack that you would see on most store shelves and is packaged in several small bags to keep the parts straight for assembly.

In this video, you get to see all the parts in detail and know exactly what you can expect if you decide to make this purchase of this iconic figure. Here you can see the cape is super detailed and ready to paint with all the detail build right in.

This particular model, however, has a few air bubbles in the casting that can happen from time to time with any resin manufacturer. These ones don’t seem like they would be much of a problem to fix for the experienced hobbyist. An eagle wing also sustained a small break in the shipping process, but that is something that can easily be fixed in the future by Kabuki by adding some soft foam within the package perhaps.

We also get to see how their Eagle miniature stacks up to the latest bird miniature in Games Workshop’s line up, the Farstrider miniature from Shadespire.

As the Celestial Knight comes together you get some expert tips on how to mod this mini if you would rather have him without his trusty bird.

Last but not least, we get a look at just how tall this Kabuki Studios masterpiece is.  Check out the scale standing beside a Custodian and you can really see just how this miniature will look on the Tabletop.

Make sure you check out the full video review below on the Celestial Knight from Kabuki Studios!

Miniature provided by Kabuki Studios for review and promotion

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