Inside The Mind of A Tournament Player: 3 Games In 5 Minutes

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West Coast Battle Reports are back with this edition of Inside the Mind of a Tournament Player. Take a look at what is brewing with Chaos Space Marines!

Inside the Mind of a Tournament Player follows the thought process in setting up a list and playing in tournaments. Take a look at this special edition of Next Level Painting.

Inside The Mind of A Tournament Player: 3 Games In 5 Minutes

Inside The Mind of A Tournament Player: 3 Games In 5 Minutes

This is a 1500 point Chaos army with the theme of denial. Included are two battalions featuring both Chaos Space Marines and Daemons. the Chaos Space Marine battalion, Alpha Legion, are two Daemon Princes and three units of Cultists.

The Daemon Princes are Slaanesh and Tzeentch to buff specific groups of cultists. The Daemon battalion has two Daemon Princes of Chaos, both Nurgle, and six units of Nurglings.

This combines infiltrating Nurglings with forward-operating Cultists with Daemon Prince targets… plus shenanigans!


Game 1 against a Chaos army, the Nurglings show their strength with their infiltration. The line of cultists denies them the ability to secure objectives and provides cover for the Daemon Princes. Game 2 against Luca pits this denial list against Imperial Guard. With this, all the cultists are forward-operating and the Nurglings showing their tenacity through infiltration upon deployment.

This combination, plus awesome charges, successfully blows up the big baddy Baneblade. Game 3 against Danny, running Chaos with Mortarion, Magnus, and Daemon Princes. By sacrificing the Daemon Princes to focus on Magnus, ignoring Mortarion, the cultists were able to secure objectives and kill Ahriman.

To recap, the forward threat with Nurglings and Cultists, plus coming back to life and using Forward Operatives stratagem for 1 CP, this army was deceptively difficult to overcome. Using a combination of board control and speed, all the tactical cards can be answered whenever they pop up.

Be sure to watch the video below to hear more insights from a tournament player!

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