New Slowfuse Portable Hobby Go-Bags Are Here

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New Slow Fuse Portable Hobby Go-Bags Are Here

Take your hobby projects on the go with the new high-quality Hobby Go-Bag from the great people over at Slow Fuse Gaming.

The one and only Jason Craze has done it again. He has designed a great hobby product that he uses himself and is perfect for the hobbyist on the go with the new Hobby Go-Bag. Let’s take a look!

New Slowfuse Portable Hobby Go-Bags Are Here

SFG Hobby GO-Bag$ 48.99

New Slowfuse Portable Hobby Go-Bags Are Here

The Hobby Go-Bag is the perfect way to transport your paint and materials to and from any destination! Coming in at 1.5 lbs and made from high-strength nylon, It will carry your brushes, airbrushes, tools, paints and minis all in one manageable package. The bag itself is only 11″ wide x 9″ deep and 7.5″ tall, yet it will carry up to 96 paints along with tools and brushes, or 48 paints and an assortment of your minis.

Awesome Features Include – An upper layer for tool / brush storage. This space has elastic holders for up to 10 brushes along with a 1″ deep well for larger tools / airbrushes / etc. Includes two zipper pockets for storage of papers, glues, Jen’s Drunken Brush Goop! and other things you like to carry along. Everything you need other than your airbrush compressor will fit in the bag! Also has a convenient luggage tag holder to label the contents and a panel of soft-side Velcro to hold your cool patches!

All Go-Bags come with one layer of foam that holds up to 48 bottles of your favorite paint and you choose the second foam layer to suit your needs. Choose from another 48 paint tray or a 3″ layer of pluck foam for carrying your models. You can purchase extra foam inserts separately for even more flexibility!

Find extra foam trays HERE!

The Red bags are very limited, so act quick!

Make sure get your hands on one of these great new hobby bags for transport your paints and WiP’s when you’re on the go. Also, while you are there take advantage of some of the other great deals from Slowfuse Gaming!

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