Rumor Engine: There’s a Gem in the Crown

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This week’s rumor engine hit the internet this morning and it’s got us guessing. Help us find out what we could be looking at.

Warhammer Community posted a picture for this week’s rumor engine this morning. It’s raising some questions of what it could be. Let’s take a look and break down the clues.

In case you missed last week’s rumor engine, you can take a quick look now.

Rumor Engine: There’s a Gem in the Crown

rumor engine 7-24-18 Rumor Engine: There's a Gem in the Crown

Here’s the mysterious bit. We think it looks like some kind of gem or stone laid in a crown/headdress. If you look at the sides of the picture, it looks like there are some decorative horns. Maybe this is the top of a Daemon’s head we are looking at?

Could we be looking at the beguiling gem for AoS 2.0? We did see a rumor engine not too long ago that had a Daemonette-looking arm. Maybe this is a Slaaneshi Daemon crown! Slaanesh loves the finer things in life. This might not be too crazy of a guess after all.

On the other hand, could we be looking at the top of a staff? If you look at the bit an imagine it attached to some kind of scepter, it fits. Maybe this is the staff for a Deepkin model. It has that sort of “look” to it.

Could we be totally off? Warhammer Community has a habit of turning things upside down and inverting them. But the entire top of the picture is completely white. That means that we are looking at the end-piece of something.

Could this bit be for 40k or AoS? Do you have any ideas of what it could be? What other clues did you pick up on that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. Let’s get this one right ahead of time!

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More Rumor Engine bits yet to be revealed!

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