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Check out how much hobby $$$ you can save with all the new Warhammer 40k Kill Team bundles that are coming our way at the end of the month.

Want to know how much value each box has inside? We’ll be looking at all of the options from the core game to the small Kill Team expansions.

Save Hobby $$ Kill Team Box Set Values

With all the Kill Team previews running around, we thought it was time to break down the boxes and look at the total value of the goodies inside.

Overall it looks like each box has some decent value to it. However, the terrain in the boxes is where you really seem to get the biggest bang for your buck. So with that being said, let ‘s look at the big starter box first.

Kill Team Core Game $130

KT box set Save Hobby $$ Kill Team Box Set Values

kt box set 2

Let’s start by going down the list

  • Kill Team Core Manual-$40
  • Squad of 10 Skitarii (Rangers or Vanguard) – $40
  • Squad of 5 Genestealer Acolyte Hybrids –$40
  • Folding game board- $?
  • Kill Team Cards –$15 ea. (minus 15 blank cards)
  • Exclusive universal tactics deck – $?
  • Dice and Rulers –$?
  • Varied set of Imperial Terrain – $ SEE BELOW

kt ruins

Speaking of terrain, it says “varied set of imperial Ruins“. Could that be talking about a set of the Imperial ruins box with some other things sprinkled in? It looks like you get four corners of building ruins in the actual Imperial Ruins set and although we can only see three specific building corners, we feel like there’s a fourth corner hiding somewhere.

Even if that is not the case that is 1.5 of the ruins (probably two of the same sprue judging by the price)

But the Imperial ruins box doesn’t come with any multiple-story buildings. So could there be a box of ruins and the administratum? 


kt administratum

Notice the fan-looking thing against the wall in both pictures? We think it might be an Administratum set because it’s the only kit with those “fans” that don’t have any statues. But wait, could that mysterious object behind the number “3” be part of a statue? Or is it just the base of a Kill Team model we’re looking at. If it is a statue, then it could drive the price up even more. may put half of the Sector Imperials terrain kit in the box mixed with some ruins.

It could just bet two sets of Administratum kits are included as traditionally terrain kits make like one “corner and wall’ section of terrain.

So if that is the case, and the “varied set of imperial Ruins ends up being as far as we can tell two Administratum sets, and one sprue from the Basilicanum set.

That’s nearly $118 MSRP of terrain value in a $130 box set plus what looks to be an $18ish value for the Basilicanum sprue.

Total Value Estimate:  $253 plus other components

We are leaving a little bit of room in the price because of the varying terrain and mixed things like the folding board/dice. But $285 seems plausible based on the observations above.

The deals don’t stop at the core game either. There’s value to be had everywhere.

Space Wolf Kill Team $60


kill team starter wolves

  • Space Wolf Reivers – $35
  • Sector Mechanicus Alchomite Set – $50

Total Kit Value estimate $85-90
Right away, you’re looking at $85 worth of value sitting inside a $60 box. You also get the cards and data sheets.

Ork Kill Team Box $60

kill team starter orks Want to know how much Kill Team will cost you this July? Get in here and see the new release lineup and pricing for the latest installment of Warhammer 40k!

  • Burna Boys – $25
  • Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Servohaulers – $40

Total Kit Values estimate $65-70
A lot less value margin here but you’re still better off buying the box set than everything separately. (If you want the Servohaulers of course).

Sector Mechanicus $80

kill team killzone 2

  • Thermic Plasma Conduits – $35
  • Sector Mechanicus Ferrotonic Incinerator – $60
  • Sector Mechanicus Alchomite Stack – $50

Total value estimate $145
You’re looking at $145 worth of terrain not including the game mat and other small features. This is some crazy value. Even though most of it is just terrain, you won’t be able to beat the price. 

If you’re thinking about getting into Kill Team or just picking up some terrain for your 40k games, there are some great deals to be had here. What box are you going to be going for- The core game or the Sector Mechanicus?

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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