Worth Playing? Space Marine Xiphon Showcase

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Viper, or Lambda whatever it resembles to you, check out our thoughts on if the Xiphon is worth fielding in Warhammer 40k nowadays

The Xiphon Pattern Interceptor is known for its speed and maneuverability, destroying targets with ease. Take a look at this fantastic Xiphon showcase, but 1D6 Studio.!

Worth Playing? Space Marine Xiphon Showcase

space marine xiphonThe folks from 1D6 Studio has painted a fantastic Iron Warriors Xiphon for us. This fantastic ship is great and has both loyalist and renegade rules! Take a look at this quick overview of the Space Marine Xiphon Pattern Interceptor and be sure to watch the full showcase below!


The Xiphon kit is absolutely amazing even though it is a fairly old (5 years or so) kit from Forge World. Overall, this Iron Warriors scheme is fantastic, giving a nice steely look to the paint with a bit of pearlescence. The hazard stripes are well done, especially with the shading. This paint scheme used a variety of paints that Rob uses for his Iron Warriors including Vallejo, Citadel, and Reaper colors.  Overall the paint job is clean, with great shading and highlights, and looks absolutely fantastic.

The rules for the loyalist Xiphon are in the Imperial Armour Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes. The loyalist ship runs around 240 points and does include Chapter keyword but remember it can only gain vehicle bonuses. Chapter traits do not confer to units besides Infantry, Dreadnoughts, and Bikes.

The Xiphon has great movement, strength 6, toughness 7, and has two twin lascannons and the Xiphon missile battery. The specialty for the Xiphon is Terminal Targeting, preventing the model from taking a penalty to hit rolls for moving and firing heavy weapons. As well, Skyborn Predator adds 1 to hit rolls for this model if targeting units that Fly.

chaos xiphon

The rules for the heretic Xiphon are in the Imperial Armour Index: Forces of Chaos, and while more maneuverable, it isn’t quite of a hard hitter. This model is about 20 points more, has the same rules, but is now equipped with Soulstalker missiles rather than Xiphon missiles.

These are Heavy D3, strength 7 (compared to Heavy 3, strength 6) and wound roles of 5+ take an additional mortal wound on top of the normal damage.

Preternatural Maneuverability is also included, allowing you to pivot, move, and pivot again…which allows the ship to strafe back and forth on the board. For an extra 20 points, this can be greatly useful!

Overall, the Xiphon is pretty awesome. Painted by an expert hand, it looks absolutely fantastic on the table. For more information on how to get an awesome commission like this, check out 1D6 Studio.

Be sure to press play on the video below to see the entire showcase and rules.

Painted for review and promotion by 1d6 Studio.

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