Craftworld Eldar Warping in: ATC Armies on Parade

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atc eldar 3

Craftworld Eldar decided to warp into the battlefield at the ATC. Check out all the Wraithbone goodies they brought with them to kill the unworthy.

With the Warhammer ATC now over and roughly 400 people that showed up, there were a ton of factions to snap pics of. Grab a seat and sit back as we look at some of the armies that stood out.

Craftworld Eldar Warping in: ATC Armies on Parade

by Frankie DiSalvo
Eldar took advantage of the Webway portal and stormed the battlefield by surprise with fast-moving and hard-hitting Wraithbone technology.

Craftworld Eldar Warping in: ATC Armies on Parade

atc eldar 2

Lead by Eldrad Ulthran himself, the army had a very fast-paced and “in your face” theme. One key strength of the Eldar is how mobile they are. They become even scarier when Eldrad is in the back slinging psychic powers.

Speed is a Blessing

atc eldar 3

Wave Serpents and Sky riders zipped up the board with the covering fire of some Dark Reapers. Using speed to their advantage, they could easily grab objectives in the first turn and secure them for a point.

atc eldar 4

By the cover of their muted cloaks, Rangers got in position ahead of time to get a clean shot on the enemy.

atc eldar 5

Dire Avengers were sprinkled into the army and held onto the objectives with their royal blue Eldari power armor.

atc eldar 6

Another key aspect of this army that some neglect is the fine detail on the basing. Look at the Aeldari iconography the Dire Avengers are standing on. What a great way to add an extra level of detail to the fighting force.

All in all, the ATC was a huge success as the Warhammer Community came together in one place to do battle and hobby! Congratulations to the winners and all of the owners of their beautiful armies. If you missed the ATC this year, don’t worry. The 2019 ATC will be in full swing next year so take this time to get your armies in tip-top shape.


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