DJ’s Beat Box: Star Wars Destiny

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The notorious double crossing slicer extraordinaire has hit the tables in Star Wars Destiny. DJ will have your opponent’s head spinning after he’s done with his scams.

DJ, the Treacherous Rogue, has entered Destiny, but he is not here to make friends. This dice manipulator will no play by the rules. First off, DJ’s die has 2 ranged, 2 ranged, 1 disrupt, 1 discard, and 1 resource. His is pretty handy with ranged weapons and he can mess with your opponent’s finances and deck. Where he really shines though is with his passive character ability. After you remove one or more of an opponent’s dice, you may deal indirect damage to that opponent for each die you just removed. This is a 2 for 1 special with DJ; remove dice, deal damage.

Since DJ is all about dice removal, give the man what he wants. In the Crosshairs is a nice 3 cost Yellow Event that gives you ambush and die removal. Choose a symbol, then remove any number of dice showing that symbol. This can be super disruptive, especially after your opponent spends focus and other card effects for a big ranged or melee damage blowout, only to have you remove them, and deal indirect damage!

Subdue can add insult to injury with your removal game. For 1 resource, choose a character that has 3 or more damage on it. Remove one of its character or upgrade dice. This then allows you to deal indirect damage to your opponent, and they will already be having tough choices to deal with.

For a big finish, use Entangle to really mess with you opponent. For 2 resources, spot a Yellow character to remove up to 2 dice showing a combined value of 3 or less. Not only will this hinder you opponent’s dice pool but will also add indirect damage for him to handle. DJ is a removal master with his ability to give out free indirect damage. Use him to gain the high ground in Star Wars Destiny!

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