Necromunda: Bounty Hunters & Psychic Powers SPOTTED

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Necromunda: Bounty Hunters & Psychic Powers SPOTTED

Some rules pics from the upcoming Necromunda book have been spotted floating around the internet. Take a look at the latest from the Underhive!

Spotted on imgur, these pics are from the latest Necromunda Gang Wars that will have House Cawdor in it. There’s psychic powers as well as some Bounty Hunters that will be hitting the tables when this book releases.

Bounty Hunter Rules

cawdor BH 1

cawdor BH 2

Starting off, we’ve got Ortruum 8-8. He’ll be one of the new Bounty Hunters in the book and he comes chock full with special rules. Maybe the best part about him is that he’s a psyker! We’ll get more into the psychic power later, but let’s take a look at his special rules for now.

cawdor BH special rules

For starters, he’s mobile with the Flight special rule. Gangers will have a hard time trying to stay away from him when Otruum 8-8 can just skirt over terrain.

Soul Hound essentially forces your opponent to play exactly how he didn’t want to. You nominate a member of his gang before the game starts and life is automatically bad for him. Ortuum is +1 to hit when he targets him and the highlighted member has to start on the board. If you’re on the receiving end of Otruum’s wrath, don’t try and stop the inevitable. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Team Work lets you take two Bounty Hunters instead of just one.
  • Dead, Not Alive is a farming tool built into the Bounty Hunters. If you kill an enemy, you split there value rounded to the nearest 5 credits.

cawdor BH 3

cawdor BH 4

Moving onto Baertrum, he looks like he’ll be a nimble Bounty Hunter you can’t just blast off the map.

He’s not a psyker, but he’s got a bunch of skills and some wargear that sounds like he’ll be the equivalent of a gnat in your ear that you can’t just swat away. Another bonus is that his weapons are poisoned with the Toxin keyword.

Psychic Powers (Wyrd Powers)

cawdor psychic 1

There will be some specialized Psykers that can use Telekinesis, Pyromancy, etc. But all Psykers will know Maintain Control and Concentrate. These are like the smite equivalent in 40k. -Everyone knows it.

Disrupting psychic powers is possible but there are a few things to remember. A Psyker can disrupt a power if he’s within 18″ and isn’t engaged or seriously injured. If he’s neither of those, you need to roll 2D6 and try to get higher than what your opponent rolled.

If you end up rolling double 1’s on a disruption attempt, the Psyker trying to stop the psychic spells suffers Perils of the Warp.

cawdor perils

There’s a table for a Perils of the Warp. 9-10 and 11-12 are what you want to go for if you do end up suffering a Perils but it’s usually a good idea to stay away from if you can help it.

cawdor psychic powers

  • Premonition basically acts like a 4++ save.
  • Mind Lock shuts down an enemy model that hasn’t already gone yet in a turn.
  • Force Blast (Telekinesis) Pushed enemy fighters within 3″ D3+1″ away from the Psyker. They may get pushed off a ledge. They’ll need to roll an initiative test if they end by a ledge/pitfall. If they pass, they become prone. If they fail, they take a hit with strength equal to the number of inches rolled for the push distance.


Necromunda: Bounty Hunters & Psychic Powers SPOTTED

Necromunda looks like it’s getting a big spice-up when this book drops. Psychic powers will be strong but Perils of the Warp looks like it’s going to be all too easy to do. Be careful with what you try to disrupt. It may not be worth the risk of taking a Perils.

What Bounty Hunter will you be getting for your gang? Will you be taking Psykers? Which Psychic power looked the strongest for your gang? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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