New 40k Orks Speed Freeks Box Set Spotted

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Looks like there are new Orks coming to the tabletops soon, in a way. Check out what was just spotted out there, as Space Wolves and Orks both on the menu.

What looks to be a new game box perhaps similar to the Battle For Vedros, or some of the new ETB style board games that Games Workshop previewed GenCon.

EDITORS NOTE: New pictures of the contents of the box have been spotted and posted up in a new breakdown post on August 14th.

Of course we know there is a ton of older plastic kits for the Orks that in theory, they could recast in the colored plastic they seem to favor for these type of releases, however, there is no indication of what may even come in this new Speed Freeks box.

Ork Rumors

Ghazghkull orks hor wal

BoLS posted a rumor a while back about what was coming to the Orks in 8th edition.

Industry rumormongers say to look for the following:

  • Look for the Orks to return about a year after 8th Edition arrived.
  • The Orks will return to the game in a major way with a large release.
  • There will be advancing storylines putting the Orks in the post great rift Imperium in a big way.
  • Multiple new kits are coming.
  • Many existing units will be changed substantially from their current rules.

Ghazghkull Rework


On top of that, Chapter Master Valrak had some word to say about a new model coming to the Orks in a video on YouTube.

I’ve been sent some information regarding Orks and their upcoming codex for 8th Edtion. Apparently, they will be getting new kits and a big push with the new story. Now I’ve personally heard that Prime Orks are going to be a thing for them, remember, bring your SALT!

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He also posted on Bolter and Chainsword talking about Ghazghkull getting a new model. He called him the “Prime-Ork”.

Ghazz is going to receive a new model, prime Ork. New models on release of codex.

Q: Where is this information from? Wonder if it will be mentioned tomorrow, GW posted they were revealing some information tomorrow if I recall.

A: I have a chap that sends me stuff, the last thing he sent me was Knight Codex information about a week or two before GW announced it. Again I have to state, bring your SALT!

Apparently, Ghazghkull is going to be the only model getting the “Prime” status. More rumors could pop up between now and their release so who knows what other units Orks might be getting?

In keeping up with the lore, some of Orks have been fighting almost constantly against Tyranid Hive Fleets on various planets. We all know that Orks get bigger the more they fight. Maybe we could see some bigger Orks come from those battles against the Tyranids.

We have heard from industry sources Orks will be first out of the gate around the end of August / September 2018.

space wolves logan grimnar hor wal

The latest on Space Wolves & Orks was spotted in a forum on B&C. A user by the name PJ1933 dropped a rumor. He didn’t say where he got the information from so be sure to take it with a heaping side of salt.

I am 99% sure that the SW codex will be pre order 25th August, no confirmation on any SW kits coming. Same weekend will see Hobbit/LotR battle of Pelannor fields box game up for pre order. No I will not be revealing where this came from but it’s not from BoLs or FLGS or any of the usual rumour mongers.

Of course, others chimed in on the thread and gave some more ideas on what could be coming.

Triszin said:

My guesstimate places wolves either Aug 25 or Sept 1st for preorders.
If all that’s preorderable same weekend is hobbit stuff, odds are good there will be space wolf kits
Expect to see wolves teased/showed off, same with orks at warhammer fest on Aug 18. Me thinks

New 40k Orks Speed Freeks Box Set Spotted

Images of the Speek Freeks box were spotted on a site called Stepping Between Games, and they had more to say along with the pictures as well:

orks speed freaks orks speed freaks

New kits supposedly include:
  • buggies,
  • trukks,
  • trakks,
  • bikes,
  • boyz and
  • nobz.
It’s out next for 40k releases, after the just announced GSC Vs Space Wolf box, but before GSC codex and new minis

What do you think of the latest for Orks? Are you looking forward to a crazy ramp-up of 40k this holiday? What’s at the top of your list of releases to buy? When do you think we will see more Skaven models? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

No matter what game you play, there’s exciting releases underway for everything Warhammer.

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