New Space Wolves & GSC Lineup & Pricing Confirmed

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Winter is coming! Check out the full Space Wolves lineup and prices for the newest Warhammer 40k pre-order that are going live this Saturday!

Multiple retailers have already confirmed the prices and lineup everything that’ll be hitting the shelves soon for Warhammer 40k. Decide what you want to spend your hobby bucks on now so you can beat the crowd!

Space Wolves are the next big chapter in line for an update. These are exciting times as we could see a whole meta shift when they come out.

Tooth and Claw $150

tooth and claw


In Tooth and Claw, the Space Wolves – now reinforced by the Primaris Space Marines – descend upon Vigilus to crush the insidious Genestealer Cults. This is no mere uprising – positioned in one of the only relatively stable channels between each half of the galaxy, Vigilus is both the gateway to the beleaguered “Imperium Nihilus” and a citadel against the Black Legion, Orks and all manner of threats from without. Should the Space Wolves fail, the consequences would be devastating…

Tooth and Claw has new models GW claims you won’t find anywhere but there.

Space Wolves Primaris Upgrade Sprue $12.50

sw primaris upgrade


Space Wolves Codex $40


Datacards aren’t necessary to play the game but it’s definitely recommended to have them. It has all of your Stratagems and Psychic powers in one easy spot for you.

Space Wolves Dice set $30


Roll in style with the Space Wolves dice set.

Exciting times are ahead for Warhammer 40k. With a much-needed revamp of an old Chapter, we’re surely going to see Vlka Fenryka all over the boards in the near future.
Be on the lookout for a Codex review later this week. For now, will you be getting Tooth and Claw, or will you just stick with the Codex and some dice? Let us know what you think about the Space Wolves in our Facebook Hobby Group.

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