Which Dominus Knight Dominates? 40k Showcase

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Check out the incredible hand painted details on this Castellan Knight Inspired by the Gladiator Movie & The Roman Legions.

Towering above the battleground, Dominus class Knights are fearsome creations.

The Wobbly Modelers have painted a fantastic Knight Castellan with some extremely vibrant colors and effects. Take a look at this amazing showcase and be sure to check out the full video for more information!

Which Dominus Knight Dominates? 40k Showcase

Which Dominus Knight Dominates? 40k Showcase

This Knight is built on a custom base, specialized banners, custom plasma gun relic, freehand along the leg grieves, chains, and a knight pilot as a squire.

The tree on the base is entirely custom, built to fit a display board. The scrollwork even has some writing on it! The painting is fantastic. The chains are real, with paint added to fit the match.

The green parts are all painted as marble, and freehand is based on the armor from Gladiator.

castellan 4

The Castellan has range throughout the board for most of his guns and, depending on the house you take, can unlock various amazing stratagems. It’s equipped with Cawl’s Wrath, two autocannons, missiles, and volcano cannon.

The model is absolutely beautiful. All the detail looks amazing, including extra plaid added to the armor, nails and metal studs, and leather detail added to the shoulder pad. Overall, the level of detail on this model is absolutely fantastic.

To check out more models by the Wobbly Modelers, as well as information on how you can commission them, check out their Facebook page! Be sure to check out the entire showcase to see some extra conversions and rules information by watching the video below!

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