6 New Warbands Spotted For Nightvault

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NV trailer 5

We’ve gotten a glimpse into the future of Nightvault recently with all the Warbands that will be coming. Take a look and decide what you’ll be playing.

We were surprised to see previewed models pop up for Warbands when the game hasn’t even come out. Well,  WarhammerTV took it a little bit further and previewed six total Warbands in a new video. Let’s jump right in.

6 New Warbands Spotted For Nightvault

Take a look at the video and try not to get goosebumps from the voice. This is the latest video from Warhammer TV that shows what other Warbands are going down into the Nightvault.

A Chaotic Bunch

NV trailer 1

As one of the new Warbands previewed, we actually haven’t seen any models just yet. They look really similar to the new model from Malign Portents.

darkoath warqueen

Darkoath Warqueen

Going by the art, it looks like the head-honcho lady is going to be a caster and her other fighters are going to be fast and light-armored. They have hardly any armor but are carrying big axes and spears. Do you think they’ll play fast and hit hard like the Khornate Warbands out there?

The Troggoth & his Sidekicks

NV trailer 2

This Warband is probably the strangest of them all. They can hardly be called a “Warband”. Mainly because the group has an angry mushroom and a talking rock as some of its fighters. Not sure what possessed this group to go down into the Nightvault but hey! Troggoths are one of the coolest models in the Sigmar universe.


squig warband

Wherever this Warband is from, it looks like they’ve been in close contact to some fungus that mutates things. Talking rocks and flying Squigs aren’t exactly an “everyday occurrence”.

Sylvaneth’s Woodsman

NV trailer 3

The Sylvaneth left their forest and are coming into the Nightvault as well. What could be their motive of creeping down into the depths of Warhammer Underworlds? The same theme follows here, it looks like the main lady in the back is going to be a caster, while her band of fighters are specialized in their own weapons.

Kharadron Spelunkers

NV trailer 4

Kharadron Overlords are going to be a little out of place without their flying contraptions! They are still Dwarves at the end of the day. The Kharadron are probably completely okay with creeping through dark corridors below the ground.

Zarbag’s Gitz

NV trailer 5

Zarbag’s Gitz will be a Warbad of only the most pissed off Grotz you’ll ever see. It looks like they’ve even got their own Fanatic with them. Swinging a ball twice their size quadruples in deadliness when you decide to do it in a tight space.


This is the first Grot we’ve actually seen with armor. Who knows how tanky he’ll actually be. His weapon looks to be some kind of branding iron. Let’s be honest. It might not be the deadliest weapon out there, but it’ll strike fear in the enemy’s hearts!

Eyes of the Nine

NV trailer 6

This Warband is more than likely going to be the most spell-heavy. Traditionally, Tzeentch has always been a little over the top when it comes to spells. All of the Stormcast in Nightvault are going to be casters, so we’ll see if Eyes of the Nine give them a run for their money!


The greatsword-wielding Tzaangor looks like a standard issue unit you’d see on the tabletop. We’d like to see more!

The Warhammer team has been spewing out previews for Nightvault lately. We can hardly keep up! If they keep up with showing us what’s ahead, what would you like to see next? What Warband interests you the most? let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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