A New 40k Guard Tank Rumbles In From Forge World

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Imperium players rejoice for the Guard just got a new low points tank for Warhammer 40k. The Carnodon is on pre-order with rules for 40k and Horus Heresy.

Forge World updated their site this morning for a new vehicle that’s on it’s way to Horus Heresy. If you don’t mix around the 30k scene, this thing will still be a great alternative model to something like a Leman Russ or even a Predator Tank.

Carnodon Battle Tank $106


This multipart resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Carnodon. A squat, utilitarian battle tank, its silhouette describes little more than a set of powerful tracks with a large turret assembly – featuring a choice of 2 lascannon, 2 autocannon, 2 multilasers or a volkite culverin – at the top. The sponsons are equally fearsomely beweaponed, with autocannon, heavy bolter, lascannon, heavy flamer and volkite caliver options. On either side of the hull can be found a large exhaust, with a large hatch door at the front.

This resin kit comes as 40 components, and rules for fielding the Carnodon can be found as a PDF download.

If you realized you needed some more armor-cracking capability in your list, what better way to do that than by spamming Carnodons that have four Las Cannons a pop! The Carnodon is a mobile medium tank that served as a precursor to other modernized tanks.

The sad part is that the Imperium has been in a steady decline as far as technology goes so these older model tanks usually operate better anyway.

Carnodon Heavy Support Division $318

carnodon 2

Do you have a friend that constantly brings Spartans? Solve that problem real quick and take three of these guys. That’ll be six Las Cannons on the sponsons and three multi-lasers from main turret focus-firing armor.

You can pre-order the Carnodons right now and they’ll ship on September 21st, 2018. If you love Guard in 40k, you might want to give the Solaris Auxilia a try in Horus Heresy. They can load up on cheap, spammable firepower and flood the board with bodies.

Carnodon Stats in 30k & 40k

carnodon 30k

For 40k tread-heads this bad boy is super cheap to field, and has the potential to be quite effective in large numbers for NOT a lot of points. 108 for a full complement of Vulkite seems like a great place to start.

carnodon 40k

What do you think about the Carnodons? Will you be grabbing some for Horus Heresy or throwing them into a 40k list for some sweet FW action? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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