Astartes: Two New 40k Movie Teasers Appear

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A new film is in the works for the Warhammer 40k universe. Check out the two teaser trailers for what is aptly titles “Astartes”.

Astartes is looking to be a Warhammer 40k film project made from a contract 3D artist. Originally spotted on the Astartes channel on Youtube, there are two short teasers for what’s on the way. Take a look.


Episode One

Space Marines are preparing to breach into an enemy ship from some kind of assault shuttle. They perform their blessing rites over their Bolters and lock into the rig.

We aren’t sure what Chapter these Space Marines are from. They could be some brother Chapter from something like Raven Guard.

Episode two

Space Marines breach the hull of the enemy ship after surviving enemy fire. Then, proceed to do what Space Marines in the lore. They walk through enemy fire and obliterate the problem in a matter of minutes.

Both of these films are very short, but it is a project that is underway. Coming from the Astartes page:

If anyone would like to support me in this project please consider the links below. I work as a contract 3d artist so any donation means less time working for others and more time on Astartes!

You can support the artist on Patreon to help continue this project.

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All in all, it’s refreshing to see a film being made that’s accurate to the lore of things. It’s surprising there hasn’t been a 40k film made that’s made it into theaters despite being one of the most popular sci-fi franchises in the world.

What do you think of the short films so far? What mission do you think the Space Marines are on?

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