Biggest Models in Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

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Biggest Models: Mumak & Balrog Middle Earth Strategy Battle

Don’t miss some of the biggest models for Lord of the Rings, besides Smaug, that are hitting the tabletops for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game!

The Middle -Earth Strategy Battle Game is a fast-paced sword, board, and arrow fantasy wargame based on the LoTR and The Hobbit. Today we take a look at two of the biggest units in the game. Check out the what to expect from these units at your game store’s shelf and also on the battlefield.

War Mûmak Of Harad: $100


The armies of Harad often employ Mûmakil, massive war-beasts trained by the Mahud, to trample their enemies under colossal hooves. A Mumak is nigh unstoppable once it begins its charge, tossing aside enemies like broken dolls. A Mûmak can break through an enemy line while Haradrim warriors rain deadly arrows from atop the howdah on its mighty back.

This boxed set contains a plastic War Mumak of Harad, 12 Warriors of Harad (6 with bows and 6 with spear) and 1 Mûmak Champion.

Mumok Bits

First up Rob cracks open the first of our LotR classics! This miniature may be fifteen plus years old but the level of detail this miniature brings to the tabletop has withstood the test of time.

In our unboxing video below we get to see each piece of this massive puzzle. and check out the new rules for this behemoth as well.

The Balrog$60 


The Balrog is a mighty creature of great age and power. Awoken by eager Dwarven miners, the Balrog brought destruction to their kingdoms, overwhelming Durin and his doughty warriors in a series of terrible battles. Of all the evil powers in the world, the Balrog is amongst the most terrible and as one of the largest models we sell, is the perfect centre piece for an evil army.

This box set contains one multipart plastic Balrog and includes options for a flaming sword or whip. Model supplied with a 60mm scenic base.

Biggest Models: Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

Last but not least we get to see The Balrog kit from GW. this kit has a commanding presence on the tabletop. Check out how well this miniatue goes together and how the detail holds up to today’s hobby standards!

Biggest Models: Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

We can’t wait to see these fatties on the tabletop once again! Make sure you work out those hobby muscles and check out our full unboxing video below to see all the bits, details, and rules for these newly re-released miniatures!

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