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general grevious

General Grievous has a new bodyguard that will ensure he has full focus on destroying the Heroes in Star Wars Destiny. Just wait for his blades of death!

general grievous

General Grievous is a formidable opponent to have on your side. This melee focused combat droid is relentless with 3 sides of his character die featuring melee damage and he ignores all play restrictions on weapons played on him.

He also has the ability to equip up to 4 upgrades at once, making him an aggressive character that can build up to insane levels. He even comes with a Power Action that allows him to deal 4 damage to a character if 4 of his weapon dice are in your pool. Grievous will definitely be a priority target for your enemies. Royal Guard

Since Grievous can be so scary, it pays off to have a bodyguard. Royal Guard is perfect for the role of protecting an elite Grievous. With Guardian built into his abilities, Royal Guard can take the heat off of Grievous and can help support his assaults with his own melee damage sides, of which he has 3. Heirloom Lightsaber

Since Royal Guard will be taking the hits for Grievous, it pays to equip him with Redeploy weapons. This can speed up Grievous’  to his final form quickly! Heirloom Lightsaber has Redeploy when it is equipped to a Blue character and can add an impressive array of melee damage into your dice pool. Maul's Lightsaber

The ultimate Blue Villain weapon is Maul’s Lightsaber. Normally this could only be equipped to a Blue character only, but Grievous ignores all play restriction on weapons. This insane double-bladed Lightsaber will boost Grievous’ damage potential to astronomical heights with its modifier sides.

This upgrade also comes with its own Power Action that can allow it to be re-rolled into your dice pool if an opponent has no shields on all of their characters. General Grievous will not be denied and his relentless assault will be legendary in Star Wars Destiny!

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