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IG-88 is back with some powerful Imperial support in Destiny. Arihndra Pryce herself is lending her battle expertise to the notorious bounty hunter.


Most people shy away from an elite IG-88, but the Empire will be footing the bill this time around in Destiny. IG-88 has an impressive array of ranged firepower and shield generation. IG-88 is also the ultimate junkyard dog, being able to play a Yellow weapon or equipment from your discard pile on him for a discount of 2 resources. This can allow IG-88 to use items like detonators again and again.

Arihnda Pryce

Arihnda Pryce is the Imperial liaison to IG-88 in this deck. At 10 points, she fits right in with elite IG-88 and can even help improve his die rolls. Pryce is able to dish out some damage with her 2 melee, but her main shtick is supportive with her special ability. You may turn another of your dice to any side, and if you control the battlefield you may resolve that die, increasing its value by 1. This can help you move IG-88 die to ranged damage if he is favoring shields with his rolls, and can result in a blast of 4 ranged from 1 die!

Secret Facility

The perfect battlefield for this deck is the Secret Facility. On a perfect roll, you could use the claim ability to resolve two 3 ranged dice from IG-88 and 2 melee damage from Pryce for a massive burst damage potential, just from claiming the battlefield! This can also set up Pryce for her special in the next round. Leadership

Not everything will go according to plan, but that’s where brilliant Leadership can come in handy. This 1 cost Red Event allows you to exhaust one of your unique Red characters to ready another character. If you needed to defeat one of your opponent’s characters, you could roll IG-88, resolve his dice, and then use Leadership to ready him up for another explosive volley of ranged damage. V-I thermal Detonator

A new detonator that can really get IG-88’s special going is V-1 Thermal Detonator. This 2 cost Yellow upgrade can be used over and over again with IG-88’s special. This card has its own special that can deal 2 damage to each of an opponent’s characters. This can result in a withering hail of damage that no opponent will be able to withstand with IG-88 and Pryce!

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