New 40k Rules For Rogue Trader Factions SPOTTED

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Rules for the two new Warhammer 40k factions from Rogue Trader have been spotted. Come see the latest on how you can play these Kill Team minis in 40k.

New rules pics were spotted on Imgur for 40k. Let’s break down some of the standout units that we think will be relevant on the 40k table.

New 40k Rules For Rogue Trader Factions SPOTTED

Will they be able to keep up with the meta? Let’s find out!

Gellerpox Infected in 40k

vulgrar New 40k Rules For Rogue Trader Factions SPOTTED

vulgrar rules

To start things off, if you decide to take the Gellerpox infected, consider bringing Vulgrar. He’ll give you a whopping +3 CP that you can only use to spend on other Gellerpox units. We’ll be looking at some of their stratagems a bit later. But for now, we’re off to a good start.

vulgrar sheet

Keep in mind that Vulgrar is ONLY 65 points.  Sure, he doesn’t have the greatest WS or save. But that’s four (basically) autocannon attacks in close range with a 5+ disgustingly resilient roll. He’s also got a nifty little flamer and some rules to take down leadership but those aren’t what you pay the points for. 

gellerpox points

Speaking of points, look at how dirt-cheap the units are for the Gellerpox. Players should be able to field the entire Kill Team for only a handful of points. The real problem may be that competitive players can’t spam the same unit over and over. Some of the units have a rule that only allows one per army.

Gellerpox Stars


We think that the Glitchlings might have the most use out of all the units in this Kill Team. This is for the simple fact that they’re so cheap, have disruption mechanics (being -1 to hit), and can even cause mortal wounds to vehicles.

glitchlings rules

What hurts this unit the most is that you can only have one of them in your army. nonetheless, they make a great back-field objective holder that can cause problems for your opponent if they try to send a light-force after them.

machine glitch

It’s definitely a good thing players can only have one unit of Glitchlings in their army. If this stratagem was spammable, we would see Glitchlings in every Nurgle army. For only 1CP and a full-strength squad, you have the possibility of doing 4 mortal wounds to a vehicle in the fight phase. Imagine that at a large scale like units of 10+ models.

Elucidian Starstriders

elucia vhane

elucia rules

We feel that we should talk about the head-honcho herself when we mention Elucidian Starstriders. Elucia Vhane is still tanky and can dish out some pain despite being T3. She has a 4++ save and can do D3 mortal wounds to something trying to go toe-to-toe with her. Don’t let the small model fool you, she still has four wounds and a rapier that will almost always force you to take an invulnerable save.

warrant of trade

Lastly, she has the Warrant of Trade rule which is basically the Authority of the Inquisition rule. She can get on any kind of vehicle with the Imperium Keyword as she pleases.

elucidian starstriders

The points for this Kill Team are hilariously small. With every unit being named, you’ll only be able to take one of each in your game. You really won’t see anything more than a patrol detachment for people running this faction it looks like.

Elucia’s Entourage

nitschs squad

Moving into Elucia’s band of hired guns, Nitsch’s Squad is essentially a tricked-out Guardsmen unit. The unit comes kitted with a Pupper, a Terminator Killer (the Rotor cannon), and a decent shotgun. To keep up with the theme of things,  you’re only able to bring one of these units with you in your game.

sanistasia minst 40k

sanistasia minst

Sanistasia is essentially a great value Apothecary. Instead of auto-healing D3 wounds to a unit like a normal Apothecary in 40k, everything she does is on a 4+. What makes her so good is that she’s dirt cheap and she doesn’t take up a slot when you’re trying to fill out a detachment. You basically get a medic unit for free with the Constant Companion rule.

Elucidian Deepstrikers

personal teleportor strat

Perhaps the best quality of this unit is the 1CP stratagem that allows you to put your entire Startriders army in deepstrike. Then, at the end of any of your movement phases, you can bring them ALL in at once. If your opponent isn’t paying attention, you can drop in an elite unit of marauders to clean up some dinky units sitting on objectives. Just make sure that your entire unit is bubbled up 9″ from enemies when they do drop in.

As for competitiveness, the only real use we can see coming from this unit is a backfield disruptor. If your opponent is playing a mobile army and flies out of their deployment zone, you can move in quickly and hide on the first floor of terrain out of LOS.

They do take up an entire detachment but are extremely cheap. You’ll have to weigh the benefit of having a disruption element for sacrificing one of your allowed detachments before you decide to bring them in a tournament.

There’s a lot to cover so be sure to head over to Imgur and check out the rest of the rules for yourself!

What do you think about the Kill Team rules in 40k? Which faction will you be bringing with your forces? How will you be using the Gellerpox infected? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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