BREAKING: More 40k Ork Codex Stratagem Rumors!

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ork dakka jet

Don’t miss these! It’s a green tide of Ork codex rules rumors today as even more new Stratagems rumors have been spotted for the Greenskins!

Remember that these stratagems, traits, and abilities are all just rumors. However, there hasn’t been any counterclaim to these so they may have some credibility to them after all.

Just make sure to take everything you read with a pinch of salt.

BREAKING: More 40k Ork Codex Stratagem Rumors!

Previous Warlord & Clan rules rumors to remember


Ork Codex Rules: Wartrike, Stompa & Stratagems SPOTTED BREAKING: More 40k Ork Codex Stratagem Rumors!

Goff Tactic: Each hit roll of a 6 generates an extra attack in combat.

Not bad when you spam Boyz and Ghazghkull. With each Boy getting four attacks a piece, you’ll be generating a hefty amount of attacks.

Goff Warlord Trait:  Warlord gets +1 to attack Characteristic

If we’re being real here, this one seems a bit lazy. Goffs are the main Ork clan with big boy Gazzy and all they get is one extra attack? It’s definitely useful and can get even more brutal when you combine it with the rumored Clan tactic. But it seems like it’s too close to the Legendary Fighter generic trait already.

Bad Moons

bad moons

Bad Moons Tactic: Reroll hit rolls of 1 in the shooting phase.

Obviously, you can see that the synergy with this clan isn’t choppa/slugga Boyz. This Clan rule is something you’d use in a Dakka list.

Bad Moons Warlord Trait: 4++ Invulnerable Save

An Invulnerable save that’s already better than 80% of Ork armor saves is always solid.

Evil Sunz

evil sunz

Evil Sunz Tactic: Add 1″ to movement, advance, and charge rolls. Also doesn’t suffer -1 to hit penalties after advancing and firing assault weapons.

You’d more than likely see this in a “shock and awe” type list. One that is fast moving and relentless in shooting and in combat.

Evil Sunz Warlord Trait: Evil Sunz units can charge even if they fell back earlier in the turn as long as they are within 6″ of the Warlord.

This is brutal in sustained combat. You can throw a wall of bodies at something, fall back and pepper it with shots, then charge it again. If you don’t kill the Evil Sunz Boyz quick, they’ll have too much of an advantage for you to ever hope of winning combat.

Deff Skullz

deff skullz

Deff Skulls Tactic: Units have a 6+ Invulnerable save. In addition, each unit can reroll a single hit, wound, or a damage die each time it shoots or fights.

a 6+ invulnerable may not seem like a lot at first but it essentially makes sure every single model ALWAYS has a save no matter what. When you’re taking 150+ Boyz, you’re bound to make some saves. Assault Cannons are usually scary to Ork plays because they can shred through their lines. This will help alleviate that.

If you’re taking the low-shot count model with high damage, the ability to reroll a certain die each turn also maximizes your value potential.

Deff Skulls Warlord Trait: Warlord can reroll 1’s when in combat with a vehicle. Warlord can also target enemy characters in the shooting phase even if they aren’t the closest unit.

This is Warlord trait seems to fit a tankbusting Warlord. Maybe they’ll get a relic Power Klaw that could do flat three damage. The ability to target a character is nice but Ork are NOT known for their shooting.



Freebooters Tactic: Freebooters get +1 to hit if a friendly Freebooters unit destroys an enemy unit.

We aren’t sure if this would stack or not. But if it is a stackable rule, we will be seeing Orks hitting on 2’s in the tail end of games.

Freebooters Warlord Trait: Units within 6″ of your Warlord can reroll 1’s on their attacks.

Your Warlord is essentially a Captain with this Warlord trait. That can be devastating in close combat with a banner. That would be an unholy amount of attacks hitting on 2’s and rerolling 1’s.



Snakebites Tactic: Orks have a 6+++ Feel No Pain.

This is probably a bit more powerful than the army-wide 6++ invulnerable save. You can always take a Big Mek with a Kustom Forcefield to give you a 5++ save. a 6+++ FNP with a Painboy and the Snakebites Clan rule will just be added tankiness.

Snakebites Warlord Trait: Any unit within 6″ of your Warlord may reroll morale tests. Gretchin within 12″ autopass.

This seems good late game if your Boyz are getting their teef kicked in. Why do we say that? Well Mob Rule essentially shares the leadership of two Boyz units. So as long as your Boyz are orbiting each other, they’re BASICALLY fearless. Leadership 30 is pretty hard to beat.

Late game, if you’ve got spatterings of Boyz from different units, this is definitely useful. Your Warlord just has to stay close by.

Blood Axes

blood axes

Blood Axes Tactic: Units can fall back and charge in the same turn. They also always count as being in cover.

This is another clan that’s extremely melee-centric. Not many units in 40k have the ability to fall back and charge in the same turn and now just about any unit in this Ork clan can do it. Powerful to say the least.

Blood Axes Warlord Trait: Roll a D6 whenever a command point gets used. On a 6+, the point is refunded as long as your Warlord is on the battlefield.

This would’ve been much better pre FAQ. Now, we can’t really say that it’ll be used all too often.

Defkilla Wartrike Rumors SPOTTED

deffkilla wartrike

This bad boy isn’t a part of Speed Freeks but he’s definitely a new vehicle Orks are sure to be using. Who wouldn’t want a Warboss with a Harpoon Power Klaw-thing? You can Krump’em good on the move!

Take a look at the rumors revolving around this unit. These were originally spotted from KiriothTV on Youtube.

wartrike rumor stats

Moving right along, let’s look at the basic stats of the vehicle. For starters, a T6 W8 model is spooky when you consider it to be a character. He’s almost as tough as Guilliman without all the invulnerable saves and shenanigans. A 4+ save isn’t shabby either when you consider most Orks are just wearing T-shirts. You’ve also got five attacks in close combat that’ll be hitting on a base 2+. It sounds like it’s literally a Warboss on a Trike with a fancy boarding weapon. Speaking of weapons…

  • Burna: Basic heavy flamer stats for Space Marines
  • Cutta: It’s a two-shot melta with only 8″ range. If you’re within half range (4″) You can roll 2D6 and pick the highest for damage.
  • the Snagga: The snagga looks like the Warboss’s modified version of a Power Klaw.  With stats at s+2 AP-2 DMG D3, you’ll be able to put a hurtin’ on most armored targets and anything on-foot. As an added bonus, you get to reroll wounds for this weapon. (that’s huge).
  • Twin Boomstick: What happens when you tape two boomsticks together? You get a twin boomstick! It’s basically a 12″ S5 shotgun with no AP. You’re going to be hitting on a 4+/5+ so nothing too special…until you consider there’s three of them on the model.

wartrike rumor stats 2

This model is going to be perfect for a Mad Max-type army. Roll down the field with a whole slew of different vehicles (looted or not) and have the Wartrike be the Lynchpin of the operation. Friendly vehicles within 6″ can still charge if they advanced earlier in the turn. Keep up the speed and aggression with this unit!

Once per battle, you get a free 6″ advance. That’s a nice little thing to have in your back pocket for when you really need it.

It looks like Orks are going to be VERY solid at keeping the board under their control. With rumors of Boyz going to bigger bases and all of the mobility rules/new vehicles coming, other players are going to have to fight for every inch of ground.

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

These little tidbits of information were spotted on Reddit

Stompa’s deffkannon is rng72” heavy 3d6 s10 ap-4 dmgD6 Super gatler is Rng48” heavy3d6 s7 ap-2 dmg1

Flash gitz have a 4+save Snazzgun is rng24” heavy3 s6 ap-2 dmg2 Sadly only 1 ammo runt per 5 Flash Gitz (index allowed one per model).

Flash Gitz’s guns got stronger by +1 strength and DMG. But you won’t be able to load up on ammo runtz anymore.


Gorkanaughts deffstorm mega shoota is now rng36”heavy18 s6 ap-1 dmg1 (index was heavy 3d6)

This is a huge, but simple buff the Grokanaut needed. Hitting on 5+ is pretty rough when you coud potentially roll only three shots on three dice.

No kannons, lobbas, or zzap gunz in codex.

Mek gunz are essentially the same except bubble chukka is heavyd6 sD6 ap-D6 dmgD6 (The old index rule for allocating is gone.)

Rumored Stratagems Updated

Skarboyz 1CP Use this stratagem before the battle. Select a Goffs Boyz unit from your army to become a Skarboy unit. Change the strength characteristic of models in this unit to 5. Skarboy units can only “mob up” with other Skarboy units.

Spending one CP to give a thirty-man blob of Orks S5? Yes, please. You’ll be able to outright bully other infantry off the board and even have a better chance of toppling T8 vehicles if it comes down to it.

Ork 40k

‘Ard boyz 2CP Use this stratagem before the battle. Select one Boyz unit from your army to become an ‘Ard Boyz unit. Change the save characteristic of models in this unit to 5+. ‘Ard Boyz units can only mob up with ‘Ard boyz units

Two CP to increase the armor save isn’t too shabby either. That’s a 4+ armor save on the Boyz when they get into cover. Pretty huge when you consider how many models are in a mobbed-up unit.

Post Updated with even more Orky Stratagem Rumors!

ork boy

  • Long Uncontrolled Bursts: Flyers get +1 to hit if they target another Flyer.
  • Get Stuck In: Ork Infantry can Pile in and attack a second time.

If your target somehow manages to survive one round with the blender that is an Ork Boy blob, use Get Stuck In to finish them off for good.

  • Grot Shield: Grots can intercept wounds on a 2+ as long as the Grot is closer.

grot shield

This stratagem looks exactly like the Kill Team version. Hopefully, it won’t end up costing two CP. That’s pretty steep in 40k right now

  • Green Tide: Select an Ork Boyz unit with at half-strength. Pick them up and redeploy them full-strength within 6″ of a table edge and 9″ from an enemy.

It’s like Tide of Traitors, but even scarier. If you can use Skarboyz on a unit and then redeploy them to the board 9″ away, your opponent will be forced to deal with that threat.

  • Looted: Ork Infantry gain +1 to armor saves if a vehicle is destroyed near them.

Mix Looted with ‘Ard Boyz and some cover and your Boyz will have a 3+ cover save.

  • Ramming Speed: A vehicle can charge 3D6 and do some mortal wounds when they make it into combat.
  • Tellyport: A Player can put 20PL worth of Orks and deepstrike them 9″ away from an enemy unit.

What Clan Tactic fits your playstyle the most? Will you be using Evil Sunz with vehicles or footslogging with Goffs? Can you think of the CP cost on the stratagems from above? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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