Get More Bang For Your Airbrush Buck With H&S Ultra

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Don’t have $300 for an airbrush? Check out this high-quality airbrush for under $100 as we take a look at the Harder & Steenbeck Ultra.

Spray Gunner have been dealing in the top of the line airbrushes and accessories for years now, and recently we found a great airbrush on their site that you might be interested in! Let’s take a look at the one of the most affordable, high-quality airbrushes on the market, the Harder & Steenbeck Ultra.

Harder & Steenbeck Ultra: $90.00

Get More Bang For Your Airbrush Buck With H&S Ultra







If you are just starting out in the world of airbrushing or you are a master of the art this airbrush would be a great addition to your set up. This airbrush has the same self-centering nozzle that is used in their top end brushes and you would be hard-pressed to beat the value of quality vs price with this Ultra.

Harder and Steenbeck ULTRA airbrush comes with 0.2mm nozzle set and 2ml gravity cup. For additional purchase, a 0.4 nozzle and 5ml cup available.

Double action gravity feed airbrush.

Best of all, it shares a lot of the high-quality components (such as Teflon seals) like it’s more expensive sister brushes that we have already reviewed here for about $200 less! Plus is more precise than the Creos for about the same price as well!

Make sure you visit Spray Gunner to find out more about the affordable H&S Ultra and all the other great airbrush products that they have to offer. They are a one-stop-shop for all your airbrushing needs!

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