GW’s Christmas Confirmed Releases & Rumored Bundle Deals

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Don’t miss the latest confirmed and rumored bundle releases from Games Workshop for the busy Christmas season, along with a look back at some of their best deals from the past. 

Getting ready for Christmas yet? We saw confirmed previews earlier in the year for wave one of Games Workshop’s holiday bundles that will be coming to their stores and hobby shops alike.

Today we have some rumors on the second wave of bundles that may be headed our way this holiday as well for some Warhammer 40k factions.

If you’re looking for Christmas ideas, or just looking for a better deal for yourself, check out these confirmed bundles to see which ones will look perfect on your tabletop.

GW’s Christmas Confirmed Releases & Rumored Bundle Deals

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You’ll need some paint for those bad boys too!

Citadel Ultimate Paint Set Citadel Project Paint Set Citadel Layer Paint Set Citadel Base & Shade Paint Set Citadel Air Paint Set

With what looks to be about an average savings of 25% these bundles look like deals you just can’t pass up. You can never have enough paint. You may think you can get by with some basic colors, but you’ll find out very quickly that you need different colors to fill in all the details on models.

Rumors of More Faction Support in Box Sets

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Now that we’re moving into the holiday season, it only makes sense that GW would start working on some 40k bundles for army factions as well. These make great gifts because they give the player plenty of models and at some great deals. It’s like a one-stop shop for someone who doesn’t have a single clue how the game works.

There are rumors going around that this year, GW will be focusing on less-popular factions to give them a bigger player base. (Ad Mech was specifically mentioned here.)

If you missed it, Tau, Ad Mech, and Necrons were mentioned in the Chapter Approved 2018 rumor about getting points drops.

Are you seeing what we’re getting at?


There’s a whole storm of rumors swirling around this topic:

  • a focus on less-popular factions.
  • One of the factions mentioned was Ad Mech.
  • The Chapter Approved 2018 rumor said that Ad Mech, Necrons, and Tyranids would be getting a points reduction.

It would make sense that GW lower the points on factions they are trying to entice people with. It turns out low-point models are attractive in the competitive world.

We can’t discount the other two factions in the rumor either. How many Necron players do you see nowadays? Their codex wasn’t exactly what people were expecting. Lowered points and a Box Set would do them some good.

Skitarii Adeptus Mechanicus Wal Hor

Battleforces Bundles From the Past

These Battleforces are nothing new. They are fantastic deals that serve as a solid building block for any army that gets one. Check out the Box Sets bundles from the past!


box set past

Like we said before, these boxes have sweet value inside with a hefty load of models.

The 40k Battleforces above, from 2016, break down to:

  • Space Wolves: Dreadnought, 15 Grey Hunters (updated count to 15), 5 Terminators, 5 Fenrisian Wolves, Stormwolf Flyer, Iron Priest: Value $289
  • Deathwatch:  5 Bikes, 5 Terminators, 15 Deathwatch Kill Team, Razorback, Watch Commander: Value $282
  • Tau: 3 Stealth Suits, Ghostkeel, Devilfish, Broadside, 10 Pathfinders, Commander: Value  $275
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: 2 Kastelan Robots + Priest, 3 Kataphron, 5 Electro Priest, 5 Infiltrators, Ironstrider. Value $263


Since Ad Mech was the only faction mentioned from the rumor source, we feel that we should look at the past box sets.

ad mech box 1

2016 saw this great deal for $170 retail:

  • Adeptus Mechanicus: 2 Kastelan Robots + Priest, 3 Kataphron, 5 Electro Priest, 5 Infiltrators, Ironstrider. Value $263


ad mech box 2

At perhaps the hight of their popularity we saw this bundle for them in 2015 as well.

What do you think the rumored bundle for Ad Mech could look like? Do you think Necrons, Tau, and Tyranids might get something as well? Which faction would you like to see get support the most?

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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