Master How to Paint Horses: Death Korps of Kreig

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The calvary marches on, ready for battle! Don’t miss these tips on mastering painting horses for wargames from Warhammer to Lord of the Rings.

Bring your horse miniatures to life with this easy painting system by Army Painter!

Mounted units are awesome, but sometimes painting organic shapes can be daunting. Using the Army Painter system, painting these units can be very easy! Take a look at this quick overview then be sure to watch the entire tutorial below!

Master How To Paint Horses: Death Korps of Kreig

dkok deathrider

Step 1: Base Coat

calvary 1

Monster Brown was airbrushed over the horse to lay down a base coat. A similar Leather Brown canned spray could be used instead, but some definition will need to be added later. Using the airbrush, the paint can be applied in various thin layers to create depth.

Step 2: Gloss Coat

Applying a spray varnish of Gloss medium by Model Masters will help when washing the model to be sure the wash goes where you want it to go. Apply gloss varnish in a well-ventilated area.

Step 3: Wash

calvary 2

Mix some Strong Tone with Quickshade Mixing Medium to thin down the wash 50/50. Using a chisel brush, apply the wash over the model from top to bottom. Do not drench the model, and be careful of pooling too heavily. When dry, it will bring out all the definition on the model easily.

Step 4: Highlight

calvary 3

Desert Yellow is mixed into the airbrush with flow improver and spray over areas that highlights are desired. Use thin coats to trace the muscles. Add in Banshee Brown to the yellow and go back over the highlights once again to bring out the muscles once again.

Step 5: Glaze

calvary 4

Using a little Strong Tone and Quickshade Mixing Medium, more mixing medium than Strong Tone, create a light glaze. Brush over the surfaces with a thin coat and allow to dry. Do not let this pool, as it is only to pop shadows and blend in the airbrushed colors more.

Using the Army Painter system, painting up calvary riders can be pretty easy, especially the organic horses. These techniques can be adjusted for other animals and situations as well. You can have fun when getting horses painted, creating socks and blazes for unique appearances.

Be sure to watch the entire tutorial by pressing play on the video below! For more on painting the DKoK rider himself check out our Painting Video For DKoK Greys 

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