More Value: Wake The Dead Starter Set Warhammer 40k

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More Value: Wake The Dead Starter Set Warhammer 40k

Take a journey with us as we crack the seal on Wake The Dead, the newest Warhammer 40k two-player starter set from Games Workshop.

With all the announced releases from Games Workshop, this one kind of flew below the raider for most of us but Wake The Dead has some great value for anyone who collects Eldar and, or Space Marines. Let’s take a look at this new Starter and see what you get for your hobby dollars.

Wake the Dead: $150

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Wake the Dead is a great-value boxed set containing 2 armies split across the forces of the Ultramarines – the iconic Space Marines Chapter who have defended Humanity for thousands of years – and the Wild Host of Saim-Hann, hot-blooded, daredevil warriors whose skill cannot be understated. You can use these miniatures to act out the scenarios described in the Wake the Dead book – 4 connected missions that recreate the violence on Vigilus – and use them to expand your games of Warhammer 40,000, with rules included for the Primaris Lieutenant and Craftworlds Spiritseer exclusive to this set!


In our unboxing video below Rob takes the time to date the miniatures in this new starter set and let you know how old or new some of these miniatures are, as well as give some tips on magnetizing some bits to get the most out of your miniatures.


As you can see GW has gotten into a wonderful practice of giving you separate instruction books as of late! This makes it incredibly easy to trade units that you don’t want for units that you do.

Also if you split this box with a friend then you can both get your army, and their assembly instructions, no page ripping required.


Last but not least we get a look at the two exclusive Special Characters that come in the Wake The Dead Starter box. In our Video below, We go over the new sprues and Rob gives some hobby tips on how to get these minis ready for the battlefield.

The Wake the Dead box comes in at over twice its price in value and you can save even more if you purchase yours through Miniature Market.

Make sure you stay in the trenches and keep those hobby muscles strong by checking out our full unboxing video below!

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