New Black Library: Primarch Vulkan, Repentia, & More

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More great books are here from the Black Library this week, as Vulkan, Repentia, and more great titles headline the lore side of things.

Keep tabs on your favorite factions and characters from the worlds of Warhammer with this week’s new release titles.

Vulkan: Lord of Drakes:  $ 19.00



A Story set in the early years of the Salamanders as they forged their alliance with Vulkan to save the existence of their Chapter!

As the Emperor marshals his armies to reclaim the galaxy for the glory of mankind, one by one his Space Marine Legions are reunited with their missing primarchs. The XVIII Legion are still waiting to find their true identity, unaware their own lord has been found. In the Taras Division, legionaries face annihilation as they take a last, desperate stand against a monstrous ork invasion. Meanwhile, on Nocturne, Vulkan has raised and trained a new force of warriors. Now it is the time for him to lead his sons into battle. Now it is the time for him to truly don the mantle of primarch, not only to save one half of his Legion, but forge a new, indivisible whole.

Written by David Annandale

Repentia(eBook): $4.99



A Tale of Two Sisters who have been sent to acquire a relic of holy significance as they embark on a deadly mission upon an even deadlier planet!

When a sister of the Adepta Sororitas transgresses, she takes the oath of the Repentia. Casting off arms and armour, she takes up the holy Eviscerator and embarks on the most dangerous missions her Canoness has to offer, in the hope of redemption in the eyes of the immortal God-Emperor. Two such Sisters Repentia have been despatched to a feral world in search of a long-lost relic of the Ecclesiarchy, the writings of a martyred hero. Can they survive the trials and tribulations that they face as they seek a way off the world with their prize?

Written by Alec Worley


Dark Imperium Hardback Collection: $54.00



Collect both amazing books of the Dark Imperium series now in a hardback form.

Fell times have come to the galaxy. Cadia has fallen, destroyed by the onslaught of Chaos. A Great Rift in the warp has opened and from its depths spew daemons and the horrors of Old Night. But all hope is not lost…

A hero, long absent, has returned and with him comes the wrath of the Ultramarines reborn. Roboute Guilliman has arisen to lead the Imperium out of darkness on a crusade the likes of which has not been seen since the fabled days of the Emperor. But never before have the forces of Ruin amassed in such numbers, and nowhere is safe from despoliation. From the dreaded Scourge Stars come the hordes of the Plaguefather, Lord Nurgle, and their pustulent eye is fixed on Macragge. As the Indomitas Crusade draws to an end, Guilliman races to Ultramar and a confrontation with the Death Guard.

But when Mortarion himself leads his armies into the fray, brother must face brother in a confrontation that could decide the fate of the Ultramar… and the Imperium itself. For if the reborn primarch, Lord Commander of the Emperor’s realm, should fall, the consequences would be dire.

This collection includes the hardback editions of both books in the Dark Imperium series, written by Guy Haley.

Dark Imperium
Dark Imperium: Plague War

These upcoming releases are going to be a must for all you lore hounds out there. Score these titles today from The Black Library and check back next week for the latest.

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