Orktober Vehicles & Characters: Kromlech Unbox & Build

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Waagh! Orktober is on its way! Get your dakka ready and take a look at these fun orc miniatures from Kromlech, perfect for any Orktober.

Kromlech‘s resin miniatures are jam-packed with detail and really capture the essence of orcs. Take a look at some of their fantastic orc models that would make great additions to any army. Be sure to scroll down and press play on the video below to see the all the details of these awesome models.

Orktober Vehicles & Characters: Kromlech Unbox & Build

Orc Chirurgeon on Bike $42.95

ork chirugeon kromlech Orktober Vehicles & Characters: Kromlech Unbox & Build

This multi part resin set contains one Orc Chirurgeon on a bike with accompanying Goblin Nurses in a sidecar. Resin scenic base included. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.

The Chirurgeon has a lot of detail, with each Goblin and rider being separate for easy painting. It’s base is absolutely fantastic with so much detail. Overall, such an awesome orcy miniature!

Kopta Kan $24.53

kromlech kopta kan

This set contains one high quality resin multi part model of Kopta Kan. Inside you will find parts for front mounted rocket launcher or twin heavy machine gun and two mechanical arms, one with big bomb and the other with buzzsaw. One 40mm round plastic base and two Kromlech flying pegs included. Designed for 28mm heroic scale.

The Kopta Kan is a fun little kit that gives a unique twist to orc flying machines. It is a fun little kit that would make a cool addition to any collection.

Iron Reich Warchief $30.67

kromlech iron reich warchief

This multi part resin set contains one Iron Reich Warchief. You can assembly him with HMG or brutal axe in one hand while the other hand is equiped with massive crusher. This model is approximately 48mm height. 40mm plastic base included. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.

This model has fantastic detail on all parts of the miniature, including bionic body parts, facial features, armor, and weapon options. He looks like an orcy commissar. This warchief’s backpack and spinal implants look awesome. He’s large and in charge, ready to lead his underlings into battle.

Orc Sturmtankette $36.80

kromlech sturmtankette

This multi part set contains one Orc Sturmtankette resin model armed with rocket launcher or twin HMG or heavy flamer. This model is made to be compatible with 28mm heroic scale miniatures – it has about 10,3cm in lenght with dozer blade and 8cm without it, 6,5cm wide and 5,5cm height.

The Sturmtankette has fantastic detail on the sides, wheel, and even damage on the dozer blades and gear shifters. The instruments inside the tank even have detail, so there are lots of options for building. It doesn’t have a lot of flash to clean up, and the weapon attachments can easily be magnetized, depending on your preference. It can be assembled in pieces, which helps when painting.

Overall, Kromlech continues to provide great detail and quality resin miniatures. Be sure to check out their website for more amazing minis and bits. To see the entire review, press play on the video below!

Models provided by Kromlech for promotion and review

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