Qui-Gon Gets Stronger: Star Wars Destiny

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The rebellious Jedi Master has a new card and a new way to bring the pain in Star Wars Destiny. His best defense is his best form of attack.

Qui-Gon Gets Stronger: Star Wars Destiny

The new version of Qui-Gon is set to be released soon and he will be an improvement from his earlier version. At a hefty 12 health, this Qui-Gon is going to be a beast to take down, especially with his shield addiction.

Qui-Gon Gets Stronger: Star Wars Destiny

His character die features 1 melee, 2 melee, 2 shields, 2 shields, and 1 resource side. While Qui-Gon has 2 or more shields, increase the value of his character dice by 1. While he has 3 shields, increase his upgrade dice by 1. Qui-Gon will be a crazy shield master that favors a strong defense as a good offense. Guard

Guard will be a great removal option for Qui-Gon. THis 0 cost Blue Event allows you to remove one of your Blue dice showing melee damage to remove a number of an opponent’s dice equal to the value of the die you just removed. If Qui-Gon is fulled charged with shields, he could remove his 3 melee to remove 3 of an opponent’s dice!

Battle of Wills

Battle of Wills will be another great card for Qui-Gon to take advantage of. This Blue Event fallows each player to activate one of their characters, starting with you. Then each player totals the value of the character dice they jsut rolled, and each player with the lowest combined value removes theirs. With Qui-Gon’s ability to boost his character dice, he should have no problem overpowering any foe’s dice in Destiny.

Ataru Strike

Ataru Strike is another insane card for Qui-Gon that can get insane melee damage. This Blue Event allows you to resolve on e of your Blue character dice showing melee damage, increasing its value by the number of shields on that character. This can get you an insane 6 melee damage from 1  Blue die!

Become One

Finally, Qui-Gon will need to Become One with this last card. This Blue Event allows you to remove one of your Blue dice, then resolve on of your dice, increasing its value showing on the die you just removed. This can boost whatever die value you need by 3 with Qui-Gon. Boost your defenses to boost your offenses in Destiny with Master Qui-Gon!

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