Rumors & Reasons To Buy 40k’s Chapter Approved 2018

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We know Chapter Approved is on the way for Warhammer 40k, but, what will GW actually put in the book to make everyone need a copy?

We’ve heard rumors of what will be coming to Chapter Approved but nothing has been confirmed. At the end of the day, we have to remember that GW is a business wants to sell as many copies of this book as they can.

What could they possibly change around?

Rumors & Reasons To Buy 40k’s Chapter Approved 2018RUMORS: Chapter Approved 2018 Points Changes & More


Armies Getting Points Drops

There’s apparently a list that’s going around on some armies that are more or less “confirmed” getting a points drop. The factions mentioned were:

  • Necrons
  • Ad Mech
  • Tyranids

Price & Rules Changes

knight castellan Does The Knight Really Need a FAQ? Deep Thoughts

Castellan, other things that weren’t nerfed in the FAQ (because CA was already in the printers with their nerf)

Yep… That’s right. The Castellan’s name was dropped for taking a hit right to the points in the new Chapter Approved book. Who knows how expensive it’ll be. But that’s not the only thing going up in cost. The Castellan is the only unit that got named to us, but it’s probably safe to say there’s no way that would be the ONLY thing in the game taking the hit in this scenario.

As far as rules getting changed, the factions that come with a natural -1 to hit are going to be reworded to getting +1 cover save instead. These factions are armies like Raven Guard, Alaitoc Eldar, etc.

Chapter Approved 2017

Chapter Approved Post-

Before we jump into what we might be seeing in the new Chapter Approved, let’s look at what GW did for the last edition.

The 2017 Chapter Approved basically had one or two stratagems for the factions that weren’t lucky enough to get a codex when it came out. Remember that there were only a couple of codexes out at this time and they were basically Imperium-based. The book was simple. It was a bandaid to keep players interested and willing to hold out for their own codex.

Fast forwarding to 2018, most factions have their own codex. By the time Chapter Approved 2018 hits the shelves, the only other races that will still need their codex will be GSC, Sisters of Battle, and (maybe Ynnari)? So there would really be no point in making a book for the last three factions because their sales for the book would be in the toilet.

Let’s check out some possibilities of what might happen.

Chapter Approved 2018

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GW has to walk a fine line between updating something for everyone and avoiding making their codexes obsolete. They will also need to change enough for each faction to entice all players to actually buy the book instead of memorizing a couple of changes.

For example, if they gave each faction two more brand new stratagems, a logical person would go on google, screenshot the pictures and memorize them. That’s $30+ dollars in their pocket and they just got more support for their army.

If they decided to add some more rules to the game, that probably wouldn’t get people to buy the book either. They would remember a handful of rules that apply to their list and move on. On a side note, how cool would it be if they gave drop pods the ability to deepstrike turn one? (You ARE paying almost one hundred points for it anyway).

The Right Move?

If GW swapped the points around on some key units, that could be complicated and in-depth enough for people to buy a new copy. If you read the rumors above, there’s supposedly quite a few things getting a points rework. Necrons, Ad Mech, and Tyranids all seem to need their points adjusted in one way or another.

Another word on point changes, they could literally shift the meta by just swapping the points on some units here and there. It depends on how far GW would want to take it.


It wasn’t mentioned yet, but Primaris need a lot more love before people start bringing them competitively without Robbie G. Primaris are egregiously overcosted, have no mobility, and are completely underwhelming. This is a perfect opportunity to completely give Primaris an overhaul.

We know that historically speaking, Space Marines have been the most popular faction. If they put some attention towards the Imperium’s “newest” units, then they would be appealing to a huge majority of the market.

Even though these are just a few guesses of what we will see in the new book, do you think these are on the right track? Could GW do something else to get players to buy the book?

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